We don’t just work for the world’s leading brands. We work with them. We don’t simply produce insights. We drive decisions. We don’t merely crunch numbers and deliver reports. We provide impactful solutions that exactly match our clients’ needs.

This is a team that sees possibilities, simplifies decision making and innovates with abandon. Sound like you? You’ve come to the right place!

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At Absolutdata, we want you to grow your skills as you work with industry leaders and top brands, helping them leverage data to make better decisions and achieve extraordinary results. Our holistic Learning & Development framework coupled with the opportunities provided enable each individual of the Absolutdata family to constantly innovate, partner with clients and deliver measurable impact.

Learn and Grow In a Supportive Environment

We’ve created an environment where you can be proud of the work you do. Our solutions inject passion and creativity into the data science industry. That’s why we take risks, try out new things, and stay curious.

Absolutdata is a team of highly-driven, razor-sharp people who love to work hard and know how to have fun. We are decision engineers by day and Spanish-learners, musicians and gourmet chefs by night. If you want to have the opportunity to find to your full potential, we want to hear from you.


We follow a simple philosophy: Partner with immensely talented people. Give them an awesome work environment. And let them be brilliant.

Work Hard, Play Hard

If you work yourself to the bone on some days, it will be because you want to. On days when your brain craves a break, stroll over to our ‘fun zone’ and enjoy a rejuvenating game of table tennis. Or throw a couple of darts right into the face of that delivery model you are struggling with.

Streamlined Mentorship

If you want to grow, we want to help. So we provide streamlined mentorship, with year-round training that encourages you to learn every day. It’s how we keep our team motivated and satisfied, ready to give each task their absolute best.

Shape Your Own Path

Valuable experience, versatile roles, and a vast range of growth opportunities: on our team, you can expect all this and more. We want you to have the flexibility to shape your own career, pursue your own interests, and develop your own streak of unrelenting excellence.


If there’s one thing that distinguishes us, it is our thirst for challenge. When we aren’t playing with  analytics and addressing multilayered business problems, you’ll find us making an impact upon varied sectors and generating large volumes of unadulterated fun.

That delicious sense of accomplishment from shutting down your laptop after an intensely productive day—that feeling keeps us forging ahead. We don’t always go home at 6, but we always go home happy.


Thank you for your interest in Absolutdata. Check out our job postings and send us your resume. We’d love to hear from you!

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