Your data has a lot to say about your business. Interactive “living” dashboards and well-designed reports are the lenses that help leaders consume and explore their data from many perspectives and with better clarity. Comprising data visualization, BI platform technology, and emerging advanced analytics techniques like machine learning and deep learning, Absolutdata Business Intelligence (BI) services and AI-enabled living dashboards give clients mainline access to new insights and more informed decisions.

  • Sales Dashboard for a Leading US Chemical Manufacturer
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See your data in a bold and beautiful new way. Grasp fresh insights quickly with intelligent dashboards that present information with stunning clarity. Now you can make data-informed decisions the new norm across the organization.

  • Get stunning custom dashboards built to your specs
  • Slice and dice data fast with dynamic controls
  • Share polished executive-ready summaries
  • Access from mobile devices and laptops, anytime
  • Empower teams with best-in-class DIY tools
  • Data Harmonization and Reporting for Middle East CPG client
  • Case study 2
  • Case study 3


We offer a complete range of enterprise reporting services with expertise in all leading BI technologies in the Gartner Magic Quadrant™ including IBM Watson, Microsoft, Oracle, Microstrategy, Qlikview, Tableau, SAP and more. Reports can be ongoing (from new data sets), on demand or scheduled periodically.

  • Get professionally designed data driven reports
  • Redesign outdated reports using internal and external data
  • Transform reports into dynamic decision-making dashboards
  • Automate scheduled reports daily, weekly, monthly
  • Deploy cloud-based or on premise solutions
  • Big Data Visualization for a Leading E-commerce App
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  • Case study 3


Visualization makes it possible for us mere mortals to wholistically understand a growing stream of data. Structured, unstructured, powered by companies or the Internet of Things – whatever the source or type, clarity and understanding is where the value lies.

  • Get a clear visual understanding of varied data types
  • Get big data analytics-ready with data integration and harmonization
  • Connect BI solutions with Hadoop, SAP Hana, Red Shift, Big Insights…
  • Access information faster with in-memory visualization
  • Get a wholistic picture of your business from complex business data
  • Sales Dashboard for a Leading India Based CPG Client
  • Case study 2
  • Case study 3


Information doesn’t stop, and decision makers need to access business intelligence on the go. Mobile BI comes with its own design challenges. We offer responsive design services for multi-channel access to reports and dashboards.

  • Deploy mobile BI apps on leading mobile OSs
  • Access data on various BI platforms
  • View professionally formatted reports with responsive design
  • Customize dashboards for mobile devices
  • Consume data on the go, whenever it’s needed
  • Sales Dashboard for a Leading India Based CPG Client
  • Case study 2
  • Case study 3


The most critical aspect of stellar dashboards is the quality of data upon which they are based. Data harmonization makes complex and imperfect data compatible and comparable, even when it comes from a wide range of unrelated sources.

  • Extract data from multiple sources, including the Internet of Things
  • Transform structured and unstructured data into useable forms
  • Clean data by applying advanced validating rules
  • We speak MDM, CDM, ELT/ETL and complex data architectures
  • Learn more about Absolutdata’s Data Integration Services
  • Case study 1
  • Case study 2
  • Case study 3


Experience with a wide variety of BI solutions and tools allows fast project delivery based on your existing BI platform. Or we can help you select the right solution stack. Either way, Absolutdata’s expertise is at your service.

  • Evaluate and select the best BI technology stack for your needs
  • Deliver visualizations with Tableau, Qlikview, Birst, Pentaho…
  • Develop solutions on Microsoft technologies, Microstrategy, SAP BO…
  • Add emerging platforms like IBM Watson, SAP Analytics Cloud…
  • Connect BI solutions with Hadoop, SAP Hana, Red Shift, Big Insights…