The Line Between Etailers and Retailers is Blurrier than Ever

Both virtual and physical retailers are adopting an omni-channel approach by merging offline, online, and mobile capabilities—all with the aim of creating a seamless experience for shoppers. The past two years have seen their fair share of hype about the line between online retailing and brick-and-mortar selling becoming increasingly blurred. And this trend isn’t over [...]

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November 30th, 2016|Marketing Analytics, CPG, Retail|

Customer Loyalty: 10 Ways to Create a Program that Works

Sure, customer loyalty is hard to obtain, but keeping it alive is even more challenging. While many companies in the hospitality industry regularly dole out loyalty cards to try to increase repeat business, only a few actually succeed. The biggest mistake hoteliers make is putting in the bare minimum effort into the loyalty program, which [...]

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November 22nd, 2016|Customer Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Travel & Hospitality|

Never Send a Human to do a Machine’s Job

CPG companies have not been feeling the love in the past decade. In their heydays, they used to set the benchmark for analytics that other industries would follow. CPG companies used to be the leaders in understanding consumer behavior, anticipating shifting consumer trends and generating actionable insights, all of which translated into superior business and [...]

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November 15th, 2016|CPG, Retail|

How CMOs Can Turn Analytics into their Secret Weapon

True consumer connection has always been a key aspect of marketing, but because the industry is changing quickly, consumers are looking for more than just an emotional connection to a brand. While the emotional connection is foundational, it’s also elusive. Analytics provide the data and statistics needed to more accurately measure audience reach. Nearly every [...]

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November 15th, 2016|Marketing Analytics, Big Data, CPG, Retail, Travel & Hospitality|

The Return on Free Hotel Amenities: Measuring the True Impact on Guest Behavior

Adding the right free amenity can boost a hotel’s appeal, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction. But how can you know which amenity will have the best impact on guest behavior? As we discussed in a recent post, offering free amenities can have a positive effect. To make sure the amenity any hotelier chooses to [...]

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November 10th, 2016|Customer Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Big Data, Travel & Hospitality|

Five Tips for a Perfect Marriage of Sales and Marketing

Just like any relationship, sales and marketing can have tough times. But by following these five tips, you can make sales and marketing live happily (and productively) ever after. Sales and marketing, marketing and sales. Sure, they’re two individuals, but they share a close bond and a common purpose. When sales and marketing work together [...]

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November 9th, 2016|Marketing Analytics, CPG, Travel & Hospitality|

Seven Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Your Business and Your Customers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already made its mark in areas like technology and manufacturing. But it’s also changing how customers interact with brands. Technology has progressed by such leaps and bounds that we have computers that untangle spoken language, recognize faces, and even turn down our thermostat when we're away from home. But what does [...]

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October 6th, 2016|Big Data, CPG, Retail, Travel & Hospitality|

The Three-Pronged Approach to BI and Data Management Strategy

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data. - Daniel Keys Moran Data has become the engine oil for every company, and analytics the combustion engine. In order to exploit the true potential of data, it is imperative for organizations to understand the value data brings to the table and [...]

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October 6th, 2016|Big Data, CPG, Retail, Travel & Hospitality|

Customer Experience: How to Leverage Digital Data in the Hospitality Industry?

Competition and customer expectations are growing in equal measure. Hotels can’t afford to falter on delivering a superb, multi-pronged customer experience. Customers want to be engaged in every way, from the basic needs of a comfortable stay to unexpected, on-brand moments. To keep up, hoteliers must be digitally present during the complete lifecycle of the [...]

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October 5th, 2016|Customer Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Big Data, Travel & Hospitality|

How to Resurrect a Dead Zombie Lead

Every company has them: dead and dying sales leads that no one talks about. But you can bring these leads back to the land of the living (and buying). There’s a crowd that you never see. Just waiting, waiting, in the darkest reaches of your CRM. No, they’re not sci-fi monsters. They might become your [...]

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October 4th, 2016|Big Data, CPG, Retail, Travel & Hospitality|