Sales Enablement: Technology as Your Sales Partner

Sales teams are being deluged with increased consumer demands and an overabundance of information. How can sales enablement fill the gaps in the sales process and help deliver successful outcomes? Sales teams are in trouble. The market environment is changing; complex problems, advancing technology, and evolving consumer demands are putting a lot of pressure on [...]

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August 17th, 2017|Big Data, CPG, Retail, Tech & Telecom|

Can Data Analytics Stop India’s Telecom Churn Crisis?

India is one of the world’s biggest telecom markets, but it also has worryingly high churn rates. Can data analytics techniques stem the rising tide of customer churn? India posts some impressive telecom numbers: it has 1,198.89 million subscribers [Source: The Indian Express] and 16 major providers; it is the second-largest telecommunication market in the [...]

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August 16th, 2017|Big Data, Tech & Telecom|

Using Big Data to Manage Credit Risk- Part Two: Delivering Better Results

How did one company use Big Data to reduce payment defaults and improve revenue recognition? Credit risk management is a top priority for many financial companies, for both ROI and regulatory reasons. This typically includes managing reputational risks, which entails the real-time monitoring of various transactions across multiple channels, identifying suspicious activity, and compiling a [...]

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July 26th, 2017|Big Data|

Holding Big Data Back? You May be Falling Behind

Hint: It’s not technology. It’s us. “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Cartoonist Walt Kelly crafted this famous line for the American cartoon Pogo in 1970. But when we look at the adoption of Big Data, this turns into a truism. It’s not the flow of data holding us back. It’s not [...]

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July 20th, 2017|Big Data|

Using Big Data to Manage Credit Risk Part One: An Industry in Transition

Can emerging technology help financial institutions cope with changing market conditions, regulations and consumer demands? It’s no secret that the past decade has been a rocky one, financially speaking. For companies in the finance and banking sector, this means dealing with everything from irate consumers to stricter regulations. Managing credit risk — individually in determining [...]

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July 19th, 2017|Big Data|

It’s Tough to Be a Telecom Company, But Big Data Can Help

Telecom operators are facing burgeoning technology, fierce competition, and a changing environment. How can Big Data give them an edge? Net neutrality. Increasing Over-The-Top traffic. Declining voice revenues. Expanded mobile services and ballooning customer expectations. No wonder that the traditional core infrastructures that have supported the telecom industry have become embattled. The world is changing [...]

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July 13th, 2017|Big Data|

Is AI Marketing’s Newest Advancement or Its Biggest Challenge?

Artificial Intelligence is poised to become the next major disruptor in marketing. What does that mean for today's marketers? Remember when Big Data burst on the business scene? It was a disruptor in every sense of the word. "What is Big Data?" "What can it do for us?" "How much will it change things?" “What [...]

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July 12th, 2017|Big Data|

4 Ways Self Learning Algorithms are Impacting Business – And Customers Don’t Even Realize It

What do push notifications, spam and your latest marketing campaign have in common? They're among the many things influenced by machine learning. Ask ten people to describe what a self-learning algorithm is and you'll get eight blank looks and one lame comeback — "It's an algorithm that learns from itself". If the tenth person is [...]

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June 29th, 2017|Big Data|

IOT and Data Analytics: Coming to a Home and Business Near You

We’ve moved beyond wondering where Big Data analytics is heading. The future is happening right now in our businesses, in our cars and in many other areas. It's easy to pigeonhole data analytics and especially Big Data as a strictly techie thing. It doesn't seem to touch other aspects of our lives, like the car [...]

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June 20th, 2017|Big Data|

AI to Perform and Not Just Inform

As the widespread adoption of Big Data reaches its fifth year, we consider its limitations, changes, future — and why Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next disruptive technology. Digital data - the kind found in web pages, blogs, and social media - has unarguably altered how we do business. Not only has it changed how [...]

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June 14th, 2017|Marketing Analytics, Big Data, Travel & Hospitality, Tech & Telecom|