Telecom has transformed. Here’s an industry with a wealth of intimate customer information, now offering everything the connected customer needs, from mobile services and phones, to cable and content, and most recently, the connected car.

These increased offerings have translated into increased expectations: 100% uptime, zero wait time, flawless video, superior service, and account management apps are now standard. Fortunately, data analytics can help telecoms connect with, and keep, their customers.

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New subscriber acquisition cost is very high, and profit is realized over an extended time. So the loss of a customer has a big impact on the bottom line. The customer retention team can use advanced analytics to greatly improve retention strategies and programs.

  • Understand churn drivers and triggers
  • Identify and profile at-risk subscribers
  • Predict success rates of various retention levers
  • Proactively market with retention strategies
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Having all the services that a connected consumer needs is not enough. Telecom leaders must be masters of the cross-sell and up-sell maximize ARPU. Usage and behavioral analytics reveal opportunities for new services and bundles that increase ARPU, lifetime value, and stickiness.

  • Identify the next best product/service to offer
  • Know the right product and price for each consumer
  • Map current usage and flag upgrade triggers
  • Launch self-optimizing consumer segments
  • Generate new campaign ideas with the NAVIK Converter tool
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Data-driven decisions can effectively monetize consumers. This holds true for device manufacturers and telecom program managers. Define your most impactful feature sets, service bundles and handset line-up by using analytics to track product usage, behaviors and feedback.

  • Prioritize new features and capabilities
  • Discover hidden usage patterns and microsegments
  • Launch new bundle offers for select segments
  • Match new handset features to personas
  • Price service offerings to meet specific business goals
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The Millennial consumer has higher expectations for video, services, apps, games, payments, and security. Updated marketing and sales strategies are forcing established telecom companies to modernize their business models. Keep up with the changes by letting advanced data analytics guide decisions.

  • Tap into trends with social media listening
  • Quickly adapt to emerging demands
  • Test new ideas in real time
  • Mine existing data for compelling insights