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  At Absolutdata, we are all about passion. It is cherished in every form because it creates a crucial difference in our effectiveness with our clients and in the satisfaction we take away from our careers.
  Our work environment is designed to allow you to pursue your interests and proactively shape your own career. It is openly merit-based and rewards performance, teamwork and creativity.
  We encourage people to contribute through collaborative teams that benefit clients and grow the organization. To this end, we encourage individuals to strive towards excellence in every field so they will become better team members.
  Our clients represent the “Who’s Who” of businesses from around the world. This provides each and every team member with valuable international experience.
  Our training program is, beyond a doubt, the best in the industry and provides accelerated learning for our employees. We start with organized induction training that familiarizes the team member with our processes/techniques and then evolve into ongoing on-the-job training that covers functional and soft skills development.
  Absolutdata considers it essential that our employees contribute to the world around us. For more details, read about Absolutdata Heart.
  Through our innovative and effective work, we have created a stellar reputation in the industry.