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Location: Gurgaon

Employment Type: Full time

Experience: 4+ years

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage development of some part(s) of the NAVIK AI platforms &/or the product suite
    • Design and develop new Machine Learning, Analytical or AI algorithms to support new feature development in the NAVIK AI platform &/or the product suite
  • Manage/lead client implementations of NAVIK products
    • Lead the NLP bit of NAVIK implementations with clients on ground
    • Consult with senior clients to define business problems and shape solutions
  • Support on Sales/Marketing for NAVIK products
    • Participate, as the technical expert, in sales calls/meetings
    • Devise creative solutions to business problems
    • Develop proposals as Subject Matter Expert or Solutions Architect
  • Be a part of the NAVIK leadership group and contribute to the longer-term NAVIK product roadmap/vision
    • Contribute to the long term roadmap of NAVIK as well as the short-term prioritization for the larger team
    • Internal capability socialization (knowledge sharing) to build a team in the subject matter
    • Lead a team to execute the part of this roadmap allocated to the candidate.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • 5-7 years of relevant experience in executing and managing assignments on NLP
  • First-hand experience with NLP techniques/methods/algorithms including:
    • Functional grammar
    • Frame semantics
    • Semantic technology (OWL, RDF)
    • Heuristic search algorithms
    • AI agent development
    • Intermediate-level understanding of Machine Learning techniques
    • Probabilistic reasoning
    • Decision Support Systems or human-computer interaction design
    • Grammatical Error Correction etc.
  • Strong skills in software prototyping and engineering, with expertise in applicable programming, analytics languages and frameworks (Python, TensorFlow etc.) and various open-source Machine Learning and analytics packages to generate generic modules and prototype demonstrations

Technical skills – Desirable

  • Expertise in NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Exposure to Big Data technologies – Hadoop, Hive, Spark etc.
  • Exposure to advanced reporting tools - Tableau, Qlikview, PowerBI, etc.
  • Usage and customizations of existing AI and machine learning offerings such as IBM Watson, Google ML, Azure ML, AWS ML etc.
  • Exposure to AWS/Cloud Architecture

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