Location: Gurgaon

Employment Type: Full time

Experience: 3+ years

Position Summary:

We are looking for an experienced Sales Operations professional to be responsible for our Global Sales Operations that includes the US/North American market, European Markets and the Middle East/Asian Markets. The initial focus will be in the North American Market. The successful candidate will have experience in managing CRM software and familiarity with Salesforce or other CRM software solutions and with the tools and solutions in the current “Sales Software Stack” ecosystem.

The role will focus on taking our existing solutions: Salesforce, Marketing Automation Software - HubSpot and our other sales tools such as Pipedrive, a Pipeline management solution, – outbound email campaigns, to the next level in both reporting as well as automating the many manual processes to keep each solution updated.

The qualified candidate will have existing experience in sales operations or similar role and can demonstrate the ability to work within a technical as well as a business/sales environment that this role requires. The candidate will be tasked with bringing operational excellence and provide leadership to propel forward all aspects of sales operations including sales productivity, forecasting, yearly planning, enablement and field readiness.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Handle end-to-end Sales Operations and Business Reporting activities to senior Management
  • Partner with senior sales leadership to identify opportunities for sales process improvement
  • Establish high levels of quality, accuracy, and process consistency in planning, forecasting, and reporting
  • Identify and implement opportunities for sales operations process enhancements
  • Take part in forecasting meetings to update forecasting figures and reports
  • Facilitate the successful implementation of new programs through the sales organization by ensuring a well-defined, efficient sales process.
  • Analyze sales pipeline, forecasting and productivity reports for global sales leaders and senior management
  • Analyze data for patterns, investigate root causes and work with the Sales Operations leader and sales leaders to proactively address them
  • Work closely with senior sales leadership to define the optimal performance measurements and performance management programs required to ensure sales organization success
  • Design and implement sales reporting – this is a critical function that allows management to understand the following:
    • The attribution as to the source of each lead that comes into the Sales Funnel – where it originated – Web site, Inside Sales, Outbound email campaigns etc.
    • What inbound and outbound channels are most effective in delivering qualified leads that enter and progress through the Sales Cycle
    • What is the progress of each lead that comes into the Sales Funnel, as each lead progresses through our sales cycle – what leads are progressing and what leads are not etc.
    • As part of the Attribution reporting - given the source of leads which personas, industry and sub-sectors, companies by size and which specific campaigns are most effective in delivering qualified leads.
    • Weekly Timely Reports – automating the report capabilities in the sales funnel – Top, Middle and Bottom of Funnel through the Buyer Journey from start to closure or out of the sales funnel.
    • Automating the capture of leads into the sales funnel – via APIs with the existing tool for Pipeline management - Pipedrive
  • Own the Sales Data for US and Global - how best to leverage HubSpot and Salesforce to optimize the way leads are managed as well as the reporting mentioned above
  • Ensures Quality – timely capture of leads/data across entire Sales/Marketing Tech Stack and Channels
  • Recommend additional tools and solutions to improve the quality of the Company’s Sales Stack
  • Sales Enablement – maximize functionality of current tool set – Pipedrive, Salesforce, Add Additional capabilities to Sales Tech Stack – Sales Loft etc.
  • Integrate and optimize Salesforce – Currently not active in the US and has been used as a data repository which has not been productive

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Excellent analytical skills with strong attention to detail
  • Strong understanding of sales processes and methodologies
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Tech Savvy - hands on experience on Salesforce, Pipedrive etc.
  • Ability to work with multiple stakeholders in a matrixed environment
  • Act as a catalyst and agent for change as and when required
  • Champion and own the overall sales funnel management process for the firm
  • Can Do attitude with an aptitude to balance conflicting priorities

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