NAVIK AI Platform by Absolutdata is the Artificial Intelligence for global brands and enterprises
Decision Centric artificial intelligence and machine learning for global brands.

Decision Centric

Guidance based on custom ML and AI models engineered for each unique client to optimize decisions.
Machine learning for global brands/

Self Learning

Machine learning techniques that change with your business and market dynamics.
Enterprise grade customizable AI solutions.

Enterprise Grade

Customizable solutions and enabling services to get your organization AI-ready.

The AI adoption rate is unprecedented. To stay competitive, leading companies need a rapid implementation strategy that scales. To create scalable business impact, it’s critical to combine these 4 distinct capabilities…

Combine 4 Critical Capabilities

Core AI Capabilities

Tools, techniques and team are essential, but this alone is not a full solution.

Analytical Frameworks

Methodologies developed over time provide a framework for solving specific business problems.

Industry Expertise and experience is critical for AI initiatives.


Current industry knowledge is critical to GUIDE AI and give AI context and business understanding.


Technology is needed to stitch it all together.

Success Stories

AI Powers Category Forecasts for Pharma Leader across Seven Countries

Integrated AI Framework Improves CPG Leader’s Forecasting By 41%

Peering Into Future Market Performance With AI

Explore AI Success Stories of Top Brands

The NAVIK AI Platform is the Intelligence Layer in emerging enterprise architectures. Global brands can license and customize the NAVIK AI Platform, or can start with NAVIK solutions designed to run on the platform.

The NAVIK AI Platform is the engine that drives the growing family of AI enabled solutions designed to kickstart your platform build.

NAVIK Sales AI sales superhero uses artificial intelligence.


AI based Sales guidance that makes every sales person a high performer.
Marketer uses artificial intelligence to improve marketing.

NAVIK  MarketingAI

A customer directed marketing platform built around hyper personalisation, driven by artificial intelligence.
AI enabled algorithmic platform that advances market research.

NAVIK ResearchAI

AI enabled algorithmic platform that advances market research into the 21st century.

Ready to take an AI-centric approach to create scalable business impact?