A Marketer uses artificial intelligence with AI to be a marketing hero.
Let AI find correlations in your customers to create hyper personalization.

Hyper Personalization

Let AI find correlations in your customer behavior and present personalization recommendations that convert.
Scale your marketing efforts with artificial intelligence.

Campaigns at Scale

Create and run hundreds of campaigns in parallel with intelligent testing.
Optimize your marketing campaigns using Absolutdata marketing AI.

Live Optimization

Know how to optimize and edit campaigns as they run, instead of waiting to analyze the final results.
“By using AI based hyper personalization we were able to segment and target elusive one-and-done guests, increasing revenue by 51% from opened emails.”

Head of Loyalty Program Marketing

Maximize the quality of your messaging.

Maximize the quality of your messaging with marketing AI.

Measure and test everything with no added effort.

Increase your marketing effectiveness with NAVIK Marketing AI.

Make optimization tweaks as data comes in, not after.

Make campaign modifications in real-time with marketing AI.

Customize and finetune with micro modules designed for your marketing organization.

Analytics Methodology

A key component of the NAVIK AI Platform is a complex, robust AI-driven analytics engine based on our 15 years of experience. It applies state-of-the-art models that are natively built with machine learning and AI.

Adding artificial intelligence on top of your technology stack.

Technology Stack

Architected to be highly scalable and elastic in nature, the tech stack offers an integrated view across all data sources, and is secured with SSL certificates.

Success Stories

AI-Enhanced Customer Analytics Raises Optical Retailer’s Customer Retention by 28%

AI-Powered Hyperpersonalization Increases ROI, Improves Customer Retention By 30%

Hyper Personalized Campaign Increases Hotel Revenue By $13 Million

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