Global brands use Absolutdata ResearchAI to power their marketing and customer research.
Automate your market and customer research with AI.

Beyond Automation

Innovative use of AI, data and technology automates the research process, from design to insight delivery.
Add machine learning into your market and customer research.

Self Learning

AI based algorithms learn from continuous feedback to develop institutional intelligence that outlasts and outpaces human abilities.
Use machine learning to find patterns in your research and make decisions.

Decision Centric

Every research project feeds critical learnings into the AI intelligence stack, impacting all potential decisions being made in the organization.
“The research world is going through a major transformation. Instead of ‘renting’ external expertise, companies are ‘renting’ algorithms and tailoring them to their business needs.”
– Dr. Anil Kaul, CEO and Co-Founder of Absolutdata

Research Guru transforms your body of research into answers. Ask it any question.

Use the Absolutdata Research Guru to query your research for actionable answers.

Brand Tracker keeps a continuous pulse on consumer brand perceptions and trends.

Use to AI to keep a continual pulse on your brand perception.

PriceAI is a conjoint powered, AI enabled tool for quick pricing decisions.

Use AI to perform rapid concept testing.

Here are more examples of the many research solutions available on the ResearchAI platform.

Customize and define micro modules for your organization.

Analytics Methodology

A key component of the NAVIK AI Platform is a complex, robust AI-driven analytics engine based on our 15 years of experience. It applies state-of-the-art models that are natively built with machine learning and AI.

Adding artificial intelligence on top of your technology stack.

Technology Stack

Architected to be highly scalable and elastic in nature, the tech stack offers an integrated view across all data sources, and is secured with SSL certificates.

Success Stories

US Pharma Leader Uses AI-Powered Conjoint To Forecast Vaccine Preferences

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