NAVIK SalesAI is a Sales Superhero using artificial intelligence.
Use AI and Data Science to find hidden revenue.

Find Hidden Revenue

AI is able to identify sales opportunities that get overlooked, increasing sales across the organization.
Use Data Science and AI to know what to sell and when.

Know What to Sell

A weekly customized game plan gives guidance on what products and services to sell, to whom.

Close Deals Faster

Use AI to find the deal, own it and close it. Before anyone else even hears about it.
“When the pilot ended, my sales team that was using SalesAI made a big fuss that I took their tool away. We’re rolling it out worldwide.”
– Global Head of Sales

Identify overlooked revenue opportunities.

We found millions of dollars of overlooked sales opportunities with AI.

AI backed recommendations let you know what to sell, to whom, how and why.

Absolutdata NAVIK Sales AI predictions tell you what to sell and when.

Strategic game plan lets you own it and close it. Before anyone else even hears about it.

$50 million in increased deal size for opportunities with AI.

Customize and finetune with micro modules designed for your sales organization.

Analytics Methodology

A key component of the NAVIK AI Platform is a complex, robust AI-driven analytics engine based on our 15 years of experience. It applies state-of-the-art models that are natively built with machine learning and AI.

Adding artificial intelligence on top of your technology stack.

Technology Stack

Architected to be highly scalable and elastic in nature, the tech stack offers an integrated view across all data sources, and is secured with SSL certificates.

Success Stories

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AI Sales Guidance Nets Chemical Company 8.5% More Annual Revenue

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