Calendars On-the-Fly

Create ready-to-implement Trade Promotion calendars for individual retailers based on custom goals and constraints.

Easy for Everyone

Account team members can create fully optimized Trade Promo calendars in minutes, so they can focus on selling.
Machine Learning

Self Learning Accuracy

Learns what promotions work, and what don’t, to continuously refine recommendations.
“Trade Promotion Optimization and Trade Promotion Management Solutions are quickly becoming outdated. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating a whole new category of Trade Promotion Intelligence (TPI) solutions that quickly create trade promo calendars at the individual retailer level.”
– Dr. Anil Kaul, CEO and Co-Founder of Absolutdata

Trade Promotion Intelligence uses AI to go beyond TPM and TPO.

Super simple UI makes it easy to create ready-to-implement calendars.

Uses Machine Learning to get better and better at delivering business impact.

NAVIK TradeAI simplifies trade promotion planning while increasing business impact.

Analytics Methodology

A key component of the NAVIK AI Platform is a complex, robust AI-driven analytics engine based on our 15 years of experience. It applies state-of-the-art models that are natively built with machine learning and AI.

Adding artificial intelligence on top of your technology stack.

Technology Stack

Architected to be highly scalable and elastic in nature, the tech stack offers an integrated view across all data sources, and is secured with SSL certificates.

Success Stories

Worldwide Food Manufacturer Uses Trade Promotion Intelligence To Drive 4-7% Sales Uplift

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