Data Integration Services by Absolutdata to automate data cleaning and harmonization.

Data Integration

Get your data AI-ready. Harness evolving data sources by automating data cleaning and harmonization to feed machine learning models.

Data Harmonization

Data harmonization makes data compatible and comparable, even when it comes from a wide range of unrelated sources. Ensure your data is ready for unsupervised learning, supervised learning and advanced analytics.

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)

Customized ETL/ELT services combine domain and technology expertise to build high quality data assets. Determine the best data extraction methods for your system, and identify data formats and structure that align with business goals.

Master Data Management

Provide a single point of reference for data within a company. Master Data Management (MDM) comprises the processes, governance, policies, standards, and tools that define and manage critical data.

Data Quality

Before data can drive decisions, it must be complete, consistent, relevant, and accurate. Better data quality means better AI models, more accurate analytics and more reliable decisions.

Common Data Model (CDM)

Organize data into a standard structure and get a single source of truth for your organization. Data contained within disparate databases is transformed into a common format and then systematically analyzed.

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