Technology has changed the research world. With the onslaught of new tools, platforms and techniques, the phrase “information is power” rings more true than ever. With a heritage in analytics, Absolutdata combines market research services with evolving technologies like big data engineering and machine learning for superior service.

Global research teams work around the clock to deliver an array of services, fast. Clients quickly gain a clearer and deeper understanding of customer needs, market opportunities, brand perceptions, product innovations, pricing impact, and much more.

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As product portfolios grow, so does the need to pare. Absolutdata applies advanced conjoint methodologies, including customized “what if” simulators, to steer strategic decisions for major brands. Gain clarity on the ideal product/service mix, apparent cannibalization, and market inflexion points to create global business impact.

  • Reconfigure product portfolios and pricing for bigger profits
  • Use gamification for better data quality
  • Conduct mobile tests to reach more audiences
  • Use social media to choose attributes with max buzz
  • Measure price elasticity using POS and out-of-market sales data
  • Build optimal products and feature sets
  • Segmentation in Sweet Cookies
  • Behavioral Segmentation for the Travel Industry
  • Multi-dimensional Segmentation for News Media


Segmentation can be applied in all stages of the customer lifecycle. Achieve efficient targeting and optimal portfolio strategies by identifying actionable microsegments. Refine and optimize strategies with cutting-edge segmentation analytics.

  • Use archetype segmentation to design impactful messaging
  • Attain specific business goals with objective-driven segmentation
  • Implement omni-channel campaigns with behavioral segmentation
  • Employ attitudinal segmentation to understand customer mindset
  • Optimize global marketing investments with country clustering
  • Increase campaign ROI with dynamic micro-segmentation
  • Packaging Test for an Indian Tobacco Producer


Make more confident decisions and bring only your best ideas to market. Clients save millions by relying less on instinct and more on what customers really think and want. Absolutdata’s in-house experts can conduct customized tests on your behalf, or you can use our automated concept testing tool.

  • Launch with customer-approved features and enhancements
  • Conduct price sensitivity analyses for max margin or share
  • Use high-impact packaging design to win share
  • Increase sell-through with tested POS designs
  • Identify the strongest messages to capture more sales
  • Take control with the NAVIK Concept Test automated testing tool
  • Brand Equity Frameword for an Advisory Company


The Absolutdata Brand Optics framework is a robust statistical model that places the consumer at its core. It then layers diverse information sources like company financials and business KPIs to provide a holistic assessment of brand health. Know what drives brand equity and how best to capitalize on it.

  • Gauge brand equity consistently over time
  • Understand key drivers to brand loyalty
  • Glean important cues on new product development
  • Improve packaging for stronger brand fit and impact
  • Build custom brand-tracking dashboards
  • Model perceived brand value
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The what, why, and how of media planning and execution are key to defining the success and impact of any campaign. The Absolutdata Media Mind offering scientifically brings together survey data, social media, media GRPs and in-house sales for a better way to manage your customer interactions.

  • Guide design, creation, and execution of your media strategies
  • Get real time comprehensive feedback
  • Align media reach and spend to identify lucrative channels
  • Measure ROI on promotions and media spend
  • Integrate spontaneous feedback from social media
  • Identify breaking campaign trends and sentiments
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Customer experience has become a critical differentiator in today’s hyper-competitive, hyper-connected world. Unleash tangible business value by effectively managing the entire customer journey with a holistic customer experience solution.

  • Create a Customer Experience Enhancement Plan
  •  Stem customer churn to maintain share and lower costs
  • Strengthen brand preference through differentiated experiences
  • Increase customer loyalty to boost revenue
  • Design customized solutions based on specific business goals
  •  Integrate new data types for robust modeling
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Get best-in-class custom surveys from dedicated teams with global expertise. From survey design and coding through data collection and results dashboards, projects of any size are delivered quickly and held to a high standard of quality.

  • Conduct mobile surveys for in-moment feedback
  • Access hard-to-reach targets and segments
  • Expedite turn time with 24/7 team availability
  • Reach global markets with multi-country tracking studies
  • Leverage a variety of methodologies for reliable results