Revenue Growth Management

Bring together the right data, advanced AI technology, and machine learning models to drive top-line revenue growth and margin improvements.

Find the best actions for your revenue growth management decisions with integrated data sources and digital twin frameworks that let you scale profitably across brands, categories, countries, and business units.


Understand price trends across categories and channels through intuitive visualizations. Analyze data, identify gaps, and optimize price decisions for region, channel, or SKU. Get smarter recommendations for price pack architecture, brand premium, and channel pricing.

Promotion Planning & Forecasting

Determine the ideal mix of promotions to drive category expansion and sustainable share. Eliminate ineffective promos, optimize category spend, and improve forecast accuracy. Maximize incremental sales and margin with intelligent, customer-centric promotion plans.

Assortment Optimization

Get SKU recommendations to form a channel-wise optimal category portfolio. Identify opportunities for brands and channels at location/store level. Execute customized, more frequent demand-based assortment optimization and planning instead of relying on outdated calendar-based resets.

Spend Management

Improve your bottom line while maximizing ROI on spends with our intelligent spend optimization models. Identify areas of wasteful or misaligned spending and reallocate to profit-generating buckets. Get a more holistic view into the impact of potential shifts to align investment allocation with shopper behavior—and shopper ROI.

Trade Promotion

Add AI and ML to your trade promotion mix. AI-driven trade promotion intelligence (TPI) is the next generation of TPO—faster, smarter, and more comprehensive than its predecessors. Synthesize a wide range of consumer insights and develop forecasts and optimization plans in real time.

Digital Transformation

Understand the new buyer journeys created by ecommerce across multiple digital assets. Get deep insights into how customers are behaving and evolving in an increasingly digital landscape. Leveraging AI and digital twins—with the best architecture for data harmonization, data visualization and data preparation across different use cases—makes this possible at scale.

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