How do we handle the onboarding process for new team members? Remotely, of course! Here’s what we do to make new Absolutdata employees feel part of the team – even if they’re working from home.

We talked with Neha Agarwal, associate manager of HRBP and hiring, to find out what the new online onboarding process looks like and how new employees have responded to it.


What does the typical Absolutdata onboarding process look like now?


Since everything has moved to a ‘virtual office’, we’ve moved our onboarding process online as well. Our aim is to give new employees a seamless experience, starting with communication! One day prior to onboarding, we share a plan with them describing how the first day will go. That first day usually consists of catching up with the relevant manager, recruiter, and buddy. We want to make the new employee feel comfortable right away.


Later on, there are mandatory trainings involving our organization and their respective role in it – for example, training in the tools they will use. We want them to familiarize themselves with the practice, processes, and key stakeholders they’ll work with. If it’s a client-facing role, we’ll also help them understand that client’s story.
The whole process takes about a week.


How do you make new employees’ part of the team when they can’t come into the office?


We spend a lot of time connecting them with people they’ll work with. The Buddy Connect and Recruiter Connect on Day One helps. We also send welcome emails with our employee handbook for them to review whenever they need to. The Induction part of the onboarding process makes them more aware of the organization.


Can you describe the shift to online onboarding? Was it difficult?


The shift has been smooth for us. It brought out our innovative side and we were able to transition to online induction and onboarding fairly easily. The only challenge during lockdown was a difficulty arranging laptops for new employees. Most of them are currently in their hometowns or understandably do not wish to come to the office to pick up a company laptop. However, the IT team has helped us give virtual access to new employees’ personal machines, which lets them get started. They can get the laptop once they decide to physically join the office.


From a recruitment point of view, how was the online onboarding experience?


I’d say it was well planned. It shows that we adapt ourselves to changes; online onboarding and the virtual account setup for newcomers is a clear indication of that.


Do you have any feedback from employees on your new onboarding process?


Some new recruits mentioned they’d worried that their joining would-be put-on hold, as that was the case for some of their friends in other companies. They really appreciated that they could use online onboarding to join even during this difficult time. This has left a very positive impression in their minds. We’ve gotten thank-you notes that mentioned how well the onboarding process worked.