AI-Powered “Living Playbooks”—A Leap Forward for B2B Sales

Early adopters of Artificial Intelligence sales tools are starting to see the revenue needle move in a big way. What’s their secret? In this article, we’ll look at one major factor: the difference between an AI-enabled dynamic model and the more prevalent static predictive model. Applying a dynamic model to these two essential elements is [...]

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March 7th, 2018|Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Integration|

Why You Need to Be a Digital Pacesetter in Today’s Market

To meet the demands of today’s consumers, it’s no longer enough to keep up with marketing trends — you have to set the pace. It’s up to the CEO to create steady, predictable financial growth. Management guidance is critical if you want to achieve this growth. So, your CMO carefully develops a marketing plan that [...]

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How Big Data Gave One Retailer Big Predictive Powers

Can Big Data identify every targetable household in the US? Absolutely. A nationwide manufacturer and retailer has a unique problem:  they have a really, really big area to cover. Our clients (a designer clothing company) usually contacted their customers directly via their trained sales team, but they needed to make their sales process more efficient. [...]

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How Retailers Can Harness the True Potential of Big Data

Big Data might seem like it’s primarily a numbers-crunching activity, and one that is primarily geared to marketing.  That couldn’t be further from the truth:  data analytics can be applied at nearly any point in the business work flow, and in any area. Take in-store customer behavior.  As a previous post pointed out, Big Data [...]

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June 2nd, 2016|Data Integration, Marketing Analytics, Big Data, Retail|

Your 2016 Big Data Journey: Managing Data Complications

Are you planning on making 2016 your big data analytics breakthrough year? Then this series is for you. We've already discussed some of the fundamentals of data analytics and the technology behind it; in this post, we'll talk about common data complications. Ask a data scientist if the process of data analytics is problem-free and [...]

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February 25th, 2016|Data Integration, Marketing Analytics, Big Data, Tech & Telecom|

Your 2016 Big Data Journey: Understanding the Technology

Is 2016 the year you get serious about starting your organization’s Big Data journey?  Then this is a must-read series.  Our first post discussed three approaches to Big Data implementation; in this blog, we’ll look at the technology at the core of Big Data analytics. If Big Data technology seems overwhelmingly complicated, don’t worry.  You’re [...]

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Your 2016 Big Data Journey: Three Ways to Deploy Analytics

Do you want to map out your implementation of Big Data analytics? What benefits will this bring to your organization? And what potential challenges should you be aware of? In this series, we’ll show you how to plan your own Big Data journey. If you’re looking to get your company started with Big Data and [...]

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How to Use Big Data to Get a 360 View of Your Customers

Big Data and analytics have been changing how organizations make decisions.  With more information being available about customers’ needs and preferences, it’s imperative to form a complete, 360-degree view of each customer. Big Data has changed a lot of things, and how people shop is one of the bigger ones.  Now, customers are used to [...]

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How to Mend the Big Data Skill Gap in 2016

In the coming year, Big Data technology will continue to be the Big thing for business. Experts estimate the amount of data some companies hold could be worth $8 trillion or more. Access to such a massive amount of data can be both a curse and a blessing.  It can help reduce decision-making times on [...]

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Data Monetization: The Next Travel Industry Disruptor

At first, AirBnB was a way to make rent. In 2007, founders Brian Chelsky and Joe Gebbia couldn’t afford already-skyrocketing San Francisco prices, and set up three airbeds on the floor. Instead of simply posting to already-burgeoning Craigslist about their “bed and breakfast,” they started a website. And that’s where one of the travel industry’s [...]

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December 22nd, 2015|Data Integration, Marketing Analytics, Travel & Hospitality|