Our Solutions Architect team was recently awarded an expanded Amazon Web Services partnership. We thought we’d share what these star performers do for clients.


Absolutdata’s Solutions Architects are key team members; they bridge the gap between pure technology, application functionality, and business needs. At the enterprise level, it is very difficult to integrate new business-critical technology — especially when moving core functionalities to the Cloud. That’s why Absolutdata has a team of Solutions Architects; they help companies select the right technologies, manage the implementation and integration process, and ensure that this tech environment can scale to meet company goals.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has long been part of our team’s skill set, and we’ve been in the Amazon Partner Network (APN) for some time. Recently, we achieved a new level of partnership with Amazon Web Services: Absolutdata is now an AWS Standard Consulting Partner. For businesses that already use AWS or those planning on using it, this certifies the depth of our team’s experience.

Why Enterprise AI & Analytics Projects Benefit from a Solutions Architect

Understanding today’s different technologies is challenging; understanding how they work together to meet business goals and support processes is even more difficult. Our Solutions Architects combine business acumen with valuable technical expertise; they also provide a high-level perspective on how AI and other technologies and services will impact business outcomes. A Solutions Architect can:

  • Plan a scalable, sustainable, and successful AWS-based business solution
  • Understand and address key stakeholders’ objectives
  • Use their deep technological experience to support and enhance critical processes
  • Provide effective technical leadership
  • Expedite solution delivery
  • Demonstrate the impact of a technology on current processes, including how a solution will scale across the enterprise, how its components should be deployed, and how it will integrate with other systems
  • Advise decision makers on the best way to integrate AWS with your current or planned AI and data analytics efforts

In short, when you work with a Solutions Architect, you’re working with an expert whose job is to guide your organization through the sometimes-perilous journey of technical growth and change. As an AWS Standard Consulting Partner, we can ensure that both of these powerful technologies work together to support your goals. AWS offers a broad range of services and products; our team can help you leverage the AWS ecosystem and design, build, migrate, or manage your AWS workloads and applications.

AWS + Absolutdata Solutions Architects: Empowering Client Success

Adding the power of the Cloud to AI and data analytics creates some truly exciting possibilities. We’ve already seen this with our Cloud-based NAVIK AI Platform; by teaming Absolutdata’s Solutions Architects’ extensive business and technical knowledge with AWS’ exceptional services and solutions, clients can fast-track their technical growth.

At Absolutdata, we’re excited to add our expanded AWS partnership to the long list of skills our Solutions Architects possess. As organizations continue to innovate, these team players help clients implement or augment their AI and data analytics strategies. Whether clients need a custom-built AI solution, help supporting current analytics strategies, or a SaaS-based tool like the NAVIK AI Platform, Solutions Architects enable clients to access the combined might of AWS and AI.


Authored by: LK Sharma, Director, Technology Services at Absolutdata


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