Reps? smartphones can become their best ally in effective selling, but only if you give them the right tools.

We all have smartphones. In some cases, they help productivity; in others, they hinder it. (Did I just spend two hours trying to stop aliens from invading my planet? Embarrassing.) No one will argue that accessing information on the go is a huge benefit. But how can smartphones become sales teams? best ally?

It?s all about the right app.

You don?t have to think about this too long before it makes perfect sense. It?s 2017; it?s time to put the technology we use to play games to work for us. A modern sales team should have modern tools, and that starts with mobile apps.

What Can a Sales Enablement App Do for Reps?

Organizations usually have training and support materials in place for sales teams. Almost all have CRM systems to track customers and leads. But when sales reps are out of the office, the effectiveness of these materials is minimal. Enter the sales enablement app:

  • A good sales enablement app gives richer, more in-depth information than the standard ?contacts? apps native on mobile phones. This lets reps approach each contact with more personalized and relevant ideas, conversations and offerings.
  • Instead of searching for relevant content whether it?s a whitepaper, a digital brochure, or a spec sheet reps can use the app to quickly find and forward it.
  • Apps can also be used to track reps? progress in reaching performance goals. All their sales targets, reports, and other benchmarks are instantly available. I?d go so far as to say that an app that doesn?t have an easy-to-use dashboard, customized with each rep?s information, is very limited in its usefulness.
  • Speaking of performance, apps can also be a great way to keep training materials accessible. Reps can review them whenever they need to refresh or update their skills before a client call or meeting.
  • When connected with the company?s CRM, sales-enablement apps automatically update contact data. This works both ways: the rep?s notes are uploaded to the CRM, and the contact data received by the reps is always fresh.

These apps are more than just informational clearinghouses for sales teams. They also offer at least three productivity-increasing ?side effects? that can impact the entire organization.

Three Big Benefits from Sales Enablement Apps

As regular readers of our blog know, we?re keen evangelists for sales enablement and predictive selling. That?s because we?ve seen the effects. Our clients tell us that the more their reps use this type of app, the more sales conversion rates went up. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Less Time Spent on Admin: Sales teams famously spend only about 30% of their time on actual sales; routine tasks like updating the CRM take up a huge chunk of their workweek. By automating this task, reps gain extra time to spend engaging with customers.
  • Personalized Smart Selling Techniques: The sales enablement app ties in with an Artificial Intelligence-powered recommendation engine. The suggestions from this engine allow reps to fine-tune their offers to clients based on the company?s history, industry, competition, and other factors. This demystifies much of the sales and opportunity process for the reps and provides a better customer experience for their contacts.
  • Better Rep Engagement : By giving each rep a customized dashboard with personal performance metrics and monthly, daily, and business KPIs, reps found it easier to stay on track with their goals. Analytics were employed to enhance each rep?s personal use of their app, making the user experience as intuitive as possible.

As any businessperson knows, a high-performing sales team is elemental to organizational success. Why not give each rep the individualized tool they need to work at a 21st-century pace? To learn more about AI-enhanced sales enablement, check out this free webinar.

Authored by Amandeep Singh, Client Development Partner at Absolutdata Analytics and Gayatri Subramaniam, Manager at Absolutdata Analytics


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