Concept testing is a powerful tool. Used properly, it guides innovation and accelerates business growth. However, if the process behind concept testing can’t keep up with today’s fast-paced market, teams run the risk of slowing things down rather than speeding them up.

Today’s marketer needs concept testing, but one that keeps pace with innovation and delivers effective results faster.

Absolutdata is proud to announce the next generation of concept testing – NAVIK Concept Test.


NAVIK: Concept Testing for Today’s Market

You may already be familiar with the NAVIK family of tools; Absolutdata recently released NAVIK Converter, which streamlines the conversion journey of SaaS users. NAVIK Concept Test is built with a similar idea: it’s a tool that puts the speed and power of concept research in your hands.

With NAVIK Concept Test, brand managers, product managers, and market researchers can get to market with new ideas faster – and with more confidence – than ever before. This cloud-based, automated decision support tool uses advanced analytics to power its results. Comprehensive customizable options empower the user, guiding them through designing a study that gives clear “Go / No Go” results.


Marketers and others can now test more ideas in less time and make better decisions when evaluating potential product, packaging, pricing and promotional ideas.

Simple to Use

The beauty of NAVIK Concept Test is that the user is in complete control. Thanks to a guided user interface, you don’t have to be an analytics expert to reap its rewards. In just a couple of hours, multiple options can be set, adjusted, and reset as needed, resulting in a highly-customized, case-specific test.

Customizing the research design and questionnaire that NAVIK recommends is also simple. Users can change test elements to reflect their knowledge of the category and past practices. They can also upload their own database of panelists to be surveyed or select from a number of recommended panel partners. While the test is in progress, users can track real-time results via the Field Status dashboard.

Decision Summary


Lightning Fast

The initial phase of project definition and test design requires about an hour to set up – far less than the two weeks of planning typical when using an agency. Data collection through an online survey is automated and takes about two weeks to deliver final results. Summary and detailed dashboards are delivered upon survey completion and can be exported and easily shared.

NAVIK Concept Test utilizes a robust combination of structured processes and automation. This provides a consistent methodology over multiple concept tests, making it a great way to standardize concept testing across brands and geographies.


Clear Go / No Go Results

When data collection is complete, NAVIK Concept Test presents clear “Go / No Go” recommendations for you to act on. Along with these recommendations, you get to see the detailed analytics behind the results. A deep dive into “winning” concepts shows the analysis and rationale behind those recommendations in a number of sharable forms including pie charts, bar graphs, and word clouds. You can also import these charts, graphs, and other forms into a variety of presentations and document formats.

Business Objective

Try It For Yourself

To learn more about NAVIK Concept Test’s usefulness for your organization, take it for a spin by requesting a demo today.