When COVID lockdowns began, our employee clubs went online. Learn how our Creativity Unleashed group made the transition to virtualization – and see some of our crafty results for yourself. 😊

Our employee clubs are a big part of Absolutdata culture; they allow employees from various departments who share similar interests a place to get to know each other and learn interesting, non-work-related things. With all our employees working from home, we had to start thinking of virtual events for club members, too.

Our Creativity Unleashed club – whose members are into arts and crafts – was one of the first to host a digital event: a quilling workshop for employees and their kids. How did it go? Don’t worry – we’ll not only tell you the story, we’ll show you some results, too. Read on!

What Is Quilling and Why Did We Choose It?

First, what is quilling? With roots that stretch into the Renaissance (and possibly as far back as ancient Egypt), quilling is a form of paper art: tiny strips of paper are rolled into various shapes and pasted together. Quilled objects can be simple or ornate; quilling is often used to decorate cards, boxes, or other flat surfaces with flowers, curlicues, and just about anything your imagination suggests.

Although quilling does have a few special tools, like crimpers, circle rulers, and slotted tools for winding paper, you don’t need them to get started. That’s one reason we chose it for our virtual meetup. Basically, all you need is some paper, scissors, and glue to make a simple project. And since a trip to the craft store may not be feasible right now, that simplicity was a major selling point for us.

Another reason we chose to do quilling was that it’s a great family activity. With kids at home for their summer holidays, we wanted to do something that would appeal to them, too. (Plus, we’re parents. We know how hard it’s been to keep kids entertained at home!)

Apparently, the virtual meetup’s organizers weren’t the only ones who thought this quilling workshop would be a good idea; we received many more registrations than we anticipated.

See What We Made!

Conducting an online workshop is not easy, and we were apprehensive about how it would go. Would the kids be engaged with this centuries-old art form? Were there any logistical hurdles we’d overlooked? Would everyone’s Internet connections work?

We’re happy to say it went really well. Our skillful instructor (and in-house quilling expert) Charu Bhamra led everyone in making beautiful, quilled baskets. Even the little ones were engrossed in following her instructions and turning out their very own artworks. And it was lovely to see our employees and their children learning and quilling together.

At the end of the workshop, children painted their quilled baskets with vibrant colors; their parents took pictures of their handiwork and shared it with all of us. These pics – along with screenshots from the event – were made into a collage for all Absolutdata employees to enjoy. And you can enjoy it, too.