Traditionally, marketing campaigns have been based on past campaign response data agnostic of customer preference and/or behavior. In today’s digital age, there is a wealth of usage and attitude data that can be leveraged to create better campaigns that are more successful. The new release of NAVIK Converter bridges this gap between what was and what should be. A cloud based campaign generator, NAVIK Converter 2.0 enables marketers to leverage complete customer information to run more diverse campaigns across more channels.

NAVIK Converter 2.0 enables you to:

Track and predict customer behavior

  • Build custom personas and behavior profiles to understand your customers at a deeper level
  • Map ideal customer journeys so you can see what paths are leading to conversions
  • Score customer engagement real time so you are aware of the health of your customer base

Generate hyper personalized campaigns

  • Discover new micro segments based on advanced analytics
  • Engage your customers better with Next Best Action guidance
  • For individual micro segments, see the best message, the best time and the best channel through which to reach out to your customers for maximum results

Forecast engagment and financial metrics

  • Forecast and simulate campaign results to get a forward looking view of your ecosystem, both in terms of engagement and financial metrics

The user interface is designed to be easy for marketers, while advanced analytics and machine learning techniques under the hood bring in a whole new level of intelligence. It starts with identifying micro segments based on a combination of behavioral, attitudinal and preference data. NAVIK Converter then identifies the drivers of each of these micro segments, which is used to identify the Next Best Action for each user by employing machine learning algorithms. Campaign options are generated at a segment level by aggregating user level next best action recommendations.

NAVIK 2 0 Launch Blog 16 November 2015


The new release has evolved beyond serving primarily freemium online companies to now enable any product and service based organizations to take advantage of machine learning and advanced analytics to run more effective campaigns. The breadth of business questions it can help resolve and the number of industries it can be used in – from converting an infrequent shopper in retail into a more frequent shopper to turning one-time guests in the hospitality industry into repeat guests, has increased exponentially.

We’ve taken a philosophically different approach than other campaign personalization tools. Traditionally, companies utilize campaign personalization tools to identify the ideal set of target customers for a pre-determined campaign idea and personalize the messaging – the top-down approach. The campaigns dictate who the target will be. NAVIK Converter 2.0 on the other hand determines the best lever(s) for a user that will drive them towards the desired behavior and aggregates these to create hyper-personalized campaigns – the bottom-up approach.

NAVIK Converter 2.0 is based on creating personalized campaigns rather than personalizing campaigns that have already been created. The impact is in the results: we’ve seen campaigns designed from the bottoms-up vastly out-perform top-down campaigns by up to 35%.