2019 is already proving a landmark year for Absolutdata.

IBM Watson enhanced NAVIK AI Platform

2019 has just gotten underway, but it’s brought some exciting news for the Absolutdata team and for the AI industry as a whole. Here are a few highlights:

Ground-Breaking AI Platform Revolutionizes Data for CPG Giant

Recently, we completed an innovative project that unlocked the data of one of the world’s largest CPG companies. It was also the first AI project of its kind in their region.

This client had amassed an impressive amount of data, thanks to years of near-continuous research. However, various teams within the company consistently struggled to find relevant insights; even answering simple questions was time-consuming. The reason? Data was scattered throughout the company, sometimes even living on employee laptops. To leverage their trove of information, they needed a way to centralize their data. And they needed a single integrated platform to enable users to easily find information.

Our team used IBM Watson and Absolutdata’s NAVIK AI Platform to transform how data was loaded, organized, stored, and retrieved; reports that took weeks or even months to find became available in seconds. Furthermore, a cutting-edge chatbot interface used Natural Language Processing to answer plain-language questions in the blink of an eye. Now, this client is better placed to quickly respond to changing tastes and markets and maintain its position as a forward-thinking industry leader.

Absolutdata Receives IBM Silver Business Partner Status

Absolutdata has been an IBM partner for some time, but we’ve now leveled up on that partnership. Today, we announced our new IBM Silver Business Partner status.

This level of partnership allows us to integrate IBM Watson directly into Absolutdata’s NAVIK AI Platform. We can now use IBM Watson with NAVIK to support enterprise analytics and data mining at scale across sales and marketing functions. This newly-enhanced AI platform combines data, analytics, and technology to optimize decisions on an ongoing basis – without forcing clients to build their own data science teams.

Improving the NAVIK AI Platform means improvements across the entire NAVIK line, supporting various functions across industries. NAVIK SalesAI, for example, delivers dramatic improvements in sales and marketing effectiveness, including in the essential areas of salesforce efficiency, customer targeting, and campaign management.

It’s also worth noting that IBM Watson, already an intelligent platform capable of processing a wide range of information and adapting to almost any application, will continue to grow and improve. It serves as a foundation for many of IBM’s product and service offerings, and the company plans to continue developing new capabilities for it.

Key Insights from IBM Think 2019

Finally, let’s review one of this year’s major tech conferences: IBM Think 2019. Held last week in San Francisco, it covered the breadth and depth of business technology, including discussions on such hot topics as the Cloud, automation, AI, data analytics, infrastructure, and the Internet of Things. Here a few key points:

  • Think 2019 was opened by Ginni Rometty, IBM’s Chairman, President, and CEO. Ms. Rometty delved into why AI, Hybrid Cloud, and responsible stewardship constitute the next chapter of business transformation. This became the theme of the conference.
  • Ms. Rometty also discussed how the next stage of business technology is moving from experimentation and towards gaining speed and scale. The Next Stage of Innovation: Chapter 2 of Digital Transformation focused on the critical areas of digital and AI, Hybrid Cloud, and responsible stewardship.
  • Watson Anywhere detailed how IBM made Watson portable across any Cloud, preventing vendor lock-in and allowing businesses to deploy AI wherever their data resides.
  • IBM’s Hybrid Cloud unveiled IBM’s plans to extend AI to all Cloud users —including those with services provided by Amazon, Google and Microsoft—as well as for users with on-premises environments. This bold move helps customers readily shift apps to the Cloud and connect data across private and public platforms.

2019 Looks Brighter Than Ever

With 2019 off to such an auspicious start, we’re looking forward to seeing what else it brings. In particular, we’re excited about our deepened partnership with IBM and how this will help us provide our clients new levels of innovation, agility, and technical sophistication.

– Authored by  Suhale Kapoor, EVP and Co-Founder of Absolutdata


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