Update key dashboards and predictive models accurately, quickly and in a scalable manner to stay current

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COVID-19 has changed the business environment so much that most of the dashboards and predictive models developed for the pre COVID world are not of much use. The current COVID-19 environment requires:

A completely different set of factors to predict demand – e.g., the extent & severity of lockdown, demand migration to online channels, number of retail outlets that are still open, nature of the products/services (essential vs. non-essential) etc.


Different types of predictive models – e.g., predicting supply chain & logistic bottlenecks, supplier financial risk, customer financial viability (which customers are likely to survive the COVID crisis), identifying leading indicators of demand recovery, impact of evolving government guidelines.

Innovative use of all available data sources – Many of the traditional data sources are not available or getting updated regularly and there are some new data sources that have become available.

Given the critical nature of the decisions, these models need to be developed accurately, quickly and in a scalable manner. We will work with you to refresh or recreate your existing models to work in the COVID era. Absolutdata SWAT teams are ready to help you right away!

Data Integration

Get all the critical data at one place, update data in real-time with changing scenarios

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BI + Dashboards

Get access to mainline insights for more informed decisions during uncertain situations

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AI + Data Science

Leverage the expertise of 300+ data scientists and engineers to make your models current

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Market Research

Research and tracking studies to provide invaluable insights into changing consumer behavior

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Customer Analytics

Advanced Analytics to lead through changing, volatile environment rapidly and to drive strategies

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