This event covered areas like changing marketing dynamics – towards a sustainable tomorrow and marketing in today’s world is not just about the product,  it is about the culture in which the product is marketed.WMC Logo

Session Name
Using Insights as Ammunition to Align Stakeholders and Focus the Business

Session Date
Thursday, November 24th 2016

Session Time
02:00 pm – 02:30 pm (Panel Discussion)

Session Venue
Taj Lands End, Malabar Room, Mumbai.

Session Details (What it is all about)
The World Marketing Congress is a leading marketing conference in its 3rd year, the event uncovered real insights that will create new value and how to tie it all together through storytelling.

When a company accepts that its main product or service won’t be that for much longer, the likely outcome is:

  1. Continue to ride the wave for as long as it goes, or
  2. Jump off and catch a new wave.

However, companies can create a third or their own option i.e. keep riding the current wave and send in a new rider for the next big one because innovation needs a place to start so it can learn and grow. One may use insights as ammunition to align stakeholders and focus the business. One may adopt a process that allows for quick data driven decision making to meet short/mid/long term goals and harness the passion of people through idea generation all leveraging lean resources but yielding meaty outcomes. Jump starting innovation is exhausting, but with a little bit of focus and a lot of drive, the exhilaration from the journey wins every time.

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