Dr. Anil Kaul, Absolutdata CEO and Rohit Nagpal, Absolutdata Chief Customer Officer recently featured as a guest speaker in an exclusive podcast episode of ‘Transforming CPG Decision-Making with Absolutdata’s Anil Kaul & Rohit Nagpal’ hosted by The CPG Guys. The CPG Guys is a podcast community dedicated to consumer engagement in-store, online and everywhere in between. CPG eCommerce industry icon Sri Rajagopalan and consumer loyalty guru Peter V.S. Bond explores how brands and retailers engage with consumers in an increasingly omnichannel digital world.

In this episode, Anil and Rohit elucidate how Absolutdata is transforming decision-making by building AI-based scalable solutions enabling their clients to compete at a higher level and see the results in their top and bottom line. They also discuss our unique value proposition, data management and modeling expertise and the benefits of Infogain acquisition. With the help of a few client implementation examples, Rohit highlights how AI connects with everyday consumers and how we are making a difference in the CPG and retail space with our unique approaches and solutions. Not just this, they also touch upon critical topics like RGM, brand health, data scalability etc.

The CPG Guys engage with industry luminaries from companies like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Instacart, J&J, Coca-Cola, Revlon etc. to educate their audience on all things eCommerce! Sri Rajagopalan built and led

eCommerce activities at iconic consumer goods companies like Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo and Revlon. Peter V.S. Bond established his extensive loyalty and data expertise at companies like dunnhumby, IRi, CVS Health, priceline.com & PowerReviews.

Tune in to the podcast to learn more about AI-led transformation in the CPG space and how companies can secure a competitive advantage by leap-frogging the AI journey.