Rahul Monie, CTO and CISO at Absolutdata invited as a panelist to a focused roundtable on the topic ‘Embracing Cloud by SMBs for Business Resilience’ organized by the Economic Times. In this closed door roundtable discussion top business leaders will dig deeper into the criticalities of why cloud is utmost important for these backbones of the economy and why it should be of top priority for all sectors to help SMBs navigate the evolving digital landscape. In this interactive dialogue session industry experts will share their perspectives on the ways to move towards resilience by deploying cloud.

The pandemic has driven home the reality that digitalization is a big business differentiator for SMBs. In the face of reduced purchasing intent, reduced productivity and limited in-store traffic, SMBs that pivoted quickly to technology demonstrated higher adaptability and resilience compared to those that did not. As a result, SMBs are taking the ‘digitalize to survive’ mantra to heart. Rahul Monie will be joined by top business leaders and harbingers of organizational changes. They will deliberate and discuss on the following topics:

  • Cloud for creating a robust operational environment in which SMBs can grow
  • Best in class and platform, infrastructure and software available for SMBs
  • Offline data storage VS cloud and its benefits
  • Migration to cloud computation concerns and way-out
  • Privacy issues

The event is scheduled on March 25th, 2021. Stay tuned for more details.