Rohit Nagpal, Absolutdata CCO recently featured as a guest speaker in an exclusive episode of ‘Taking Stock: Talking All Things Retail’ podcast series hosted by Jesta I.S. Taking Stock: Talking All Things Retail is all about retail technology in an omnichannel world. Each episode features insightful conversations between technology leaders, retail executives and other industry experts. Topics include supply chain and omnichannel challenges, trends, and best practices as well as discussions about the future of retail.

The fourth episode of the podcast titled Artificial Intelligence in Retail: 5 Present and Future Use Cases explores 5 areas in retail where AI is making strides namely supply chain, customer experience, autonomous checkouts, personalization, and inventory management. Rohit shares his take on how AI has set the ground for digital transformation in the retail space and what unique opportunities can be capitalized in future with AI. He also shares some real examples where Absolutdata have used AI and Digital Twin technology innovatively to deliver results to retail companies.

Retail investment in AI is trending upwards and disruption is the new normal now. To know how AI can future proof retail today for tomorrow, tune in to this podcast here.

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