The Consumer Packaged Goods marketing landscape is rapidly changing. Companies are implementing Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other advanced technologies just to keep pace with shifting consumer trends and needs. The constant need for refreshed social campaigns, packaging, product line innovation and fragmented retail channel programs, all add to the complexities.

To thrive, CPG marketers must connect with their customers directly while serving online and physical retail channels. Stay ahead of the curve with predictive analytics to forecast emerging trends and behavioral analytics to better target your promotions.

  • Portfolio Spend Optimization for a Global Food Company
  • Trade Effectiveness Case Study


Go beyond measuring campaign ROI. Advanced analytics give a deeper understanding of every dollar spent. See which retail channels, consumer segments and media outlets yield the biggest impact in any campaign. Knowing what moves the needle lets clients align marketing strategies with specific business goals.

  • Track the effectiveness of ATL and BTL media strategies
  • Allocate media spend to support trending results
  • Monitor incremental sales attributed to media interventions
  • Balance online and offline investments to maximize ROI
  • Optimize media spend across channels
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  • Case study 3


Balancing SKU configuration with pricing strategy is one of the most vexing issues for consumer goods companies. PPA studies look at product and price combinations through the eyes of your audience. Successfully developing price packs minimizes cannibalization across channels and maximizes share.

  • Create optimal price packs based on simulated competitor offerings
  • Develop packaging strategies based on perceived shopper value
  • Create ideal SKU configurations to improve margins
  • Promote SKUs that push rapid adoption
  • Estimate the impact of sales cannibalization or increases
  • Consumption Forecasting Tool for a Global Food Company
  • Brand Drivers Simulator


Demand planning and forecasting is a very intensive process involving several disparate functions. Synchronize decision making across departments to enhance efficiency, ensure consistency and support clear executive strategy.

  • Move away from shipment-based budgeting
  • Produce the right product in the right size and quantity
  • Ship the right mix to the right location at the right time
  • Integrate marketing, demand planning, sales, and supply chain
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  • Case study 3


Managing and controlling the dollars spent on retailers to execute consumer-facing incentive programs is a challenge. Failure to clearly understand the influence (or not) of trade spend can significantly impact revenue. Drive sales, build brand equity and strengthen channel partnerships with the right amount of trade spend.

  • Identify your best retail partners and what defines them
  • Balance spend with customer traction at a product/SKU level
  • Optimize overall trade spend and budget
  • Focus on high impact products/brands to balance the portfolio
  • Case study 1
  • Case study 2
  • Case study 3


A genius new product needs to do more than get to market. It needs to spark customer interest and move off the shelf. Make sure your products are what your customers want. Test response, packaging, A/B feature sets, sell-through and price sensitivity to get the perfect blend for your audience.

  • Know which features inspire purchase
  • Test the ability to take competitive share
  • Launch with packaging that speaks clearly
  • Test new products with select consumer segments
  • Understand price sensitivity to balance margin and share KPIs
  • DIY with the NAVIK Concept Test tool
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  • Case study 3


CPG companies now have access to more data than ever. Getting the most from this data means getting it into a useable form. Data harmonization transforms disparate information sources into a single source of insight. Visualizations put these insights into the hands of business stakeholders.

  • Integrate data from multiple sources
  • Create a unified view
  • Mine insights from analytics-ready databases
  • Get stunning custom dashboards built to spec
  • Share polished executive-ready summaries
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  • Case study 2
  • Case study 3


Your data holds many keys to more effective marketing strategies. Additional marketing and customer analytics services particularly relevant for CPG companies include: