The Consumer Packaged Goods CPG industry uses AI and Machine Learning to make better decisions and scale business impact.

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AI is transforming the complex world of CPG brand, promotion and channel management. Embrace it.

CPG arguably has the most to gain from AI. Global brands committing to AI, predictive models and data are seeing game-changing results on a global scale.

Product Mix by Channel

AI can optimize strategic global decisions for what product mix will perform best in what channels. Complexities like geography, store type, SKU assortment, distribution mechanism and local trends can be modeled to drive better decisions.

Trade Spend Optimization

Managing and controlling the dollars spent on retailers to execute consumer-facing incentive programs is a challenge. Drive sales, build brand equity and strengthen channel partnerships with the right amount of trade spend.

Brand Affinity and Tracking

We’ve developed a robust brand measurement framework that places the consumer at its core. Diverse information sources are combined to provide a holistic assessment of brand health. Know what drives brand equity and how best to capitalize on it.

Campaign and Media Planning

See which retail channels, consumer segments and media outlets yield the biggest impact in any campaign. Know what moves the needle and use advanced analytics to better align marketing investments.

Forecasting and Demand Planning

Demand planning and forecasting is a very intensive process involving several disparate functions. Synchronize decision making across departments to move away from shipment-based budgeting and produce the right product in the right size and quantity.

Price Pack Architecture

Balancing SKU configuration with pricing strategy is one of the most vexing issues for CPG. Look at product and price combinations through the eyes of your audience and minimize cannibalization across channels and maximize share.

New Product Development

Make sure your products are what your customers want. Test response, packaging, A/B feature sets, sell-through and price sensitivity to get the perfect blend for your audience.

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