The Technology Drug for Pharma

Pharma and healthcare industry has a wealth of opportunities. Our AI and analytics services hold great promise for companies looking to tap the potential.

The leading pharmaceutical and healthcare brands adopt AI, analytics and data sciences to gain new insights for enhancing product outcomes, generating business value and driving innovation.

Automation & Harmonization

Leverage our experience with technology and analytics to grasp fresh insights quickly with intelligent dashboards that present information with stunning clarity. Make even the most diverse and dynamic data AI-ready. Get value from a data stream flowing out of almost anywhere.

Research Analytics

Achieve efficient targeting and optimal portfolio strategies by identifying actionable microsegments. Unleash tangible business value by effectively managing the entire customer journey. From survey design to data collection, projects of any size are delivered with highest quality and speed.

Predictive Modelling

Identify the targeted populations for specific
diseases and develop focused, targeted drugs and treatments. Use our predictive models to predict and forecast the change of the targeted population over time based on the patient journey and epidemiology.

Sales & Marketing Analytics

Develop tailored messages for more meaningful interactions. Analyze and improve value drivers such as brand and channel effectiveness while keeping a strong ROI focus. Get comprehensive insights across the sales and marketing value chain.


Establish an optimum marketing mix model and calculate the return for marketing activities. Know what moves the needle and use advanced analytics to better align marketing investments. Drive sales, build brand equity and strengthen channel partnerships with the right amount of trade spend.

Data Visualization + BI

Exploding data proliferation presents a new challenge—how to make sense of it all. Data visualization turns raw data into meaning and meaning into understanding. Business Intelligence (BI) further translates it into the words of the business world.

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