Demanding regulatory requirements and competition from generics manufactures have squeezed margins for pharmaceutical companies. Trying to track basic KPIs with fragmented data makes the situation more complicated. Layer on top of all that, the recent focus on emerging markets, and the need for next-gen data analytics is clear.

With our industry understanding, AI expertise and big data capabilities, clients are able to harmonize their data, identify new consumer trends, effectively manage their sales force, and optimize their marketing, retail, and ethical ROIs.

  • Sales Force Adoption and Impact of a New Call Plan for a Global Pharma Company


Pharmaceutical companies spend huge amounts of money to market their products, but they risk overlooking a critical component of success: the sales force. Developing and managing a highly effective sales force is the keystone to market share and sell-in.

  • Segment and target HCPs, pharmacies, and patients
  • Get better returns on targeting, detailing and sampling
  • Understand sales force sizing’s impact on sales, costs, and profits
  • Optimize territory alignment’s effect on productivity
  • Predict future performance in a volatile business environment
  • Use data-driven business rules to create successful incentive plans
  • Marketing Mix Modeling for a Leading Global Health Nutrition Conglomerate
  • Marketing Mix Modeling for a Leading Pharmaceutical Company


Industry growth has slowed, and profits have gone down. This means making your marketing budget work harder than ever. Improve the bottom line by identifying key growth drivers across price, DTC, DTP and BTL marketing vehicles while you optimize your investments.

  • Identify effective volume growth drivers by brand
  • Determine competitive levers that interact with your brand
  • Quantify the impact of DTC, DTP, and BTL investments
  • Create an optimization map of investments based on driver effectiveness
  • Determine ideal investments for DTC vs. DTP focused marketing
  • Estimate the impact of media vehicles on sales and distribution
  • Digital Performance Tracking for an Infant Formula Manufacturer


Despite facing a plethora of medical and legal requirements, health care providers are showing a preference for digital channels. We ensure pharma companies take a holistic approach to digital analytics, providing them with a leading edge on a new trend.

  • Measure digital channels’ reach and frequency
  • Assess analytics’ implementation in email, apps, and other digital assets
  • Estimate and attribute the payback between offline and online channels
  • Evaluate cannibalization between paid and organic clicks
  • Assign correct values to e-detailing payback
  • Identify keywords that generate the best results
  • New Product Feasibility Using Conjoint Modeling for a US Based Vaccine Manufacturer


Market research may not receive much attention, but it is a foundational need in the pharma and nutrition industries. Harness a competitive advantage with the right strategies and tactics for developing and marketing your products.

  • Gauge the commercial relevance of new products
  • Ensure optimal usage with product forms
  • Track brand and ad health for product lines
  • Highlight product benefits to patients and practitioners
  • Sales Dashboard for a Leading US based Chemicals Manufacturer
  • KPI Identification Framework for a Leading Vision Care Company


Data needs to be managed, especially with the proliferation of multiple data sources. Get a clear view of your data with intuitive visualizations. Track performance and streamline the decision-making process. Data visualization dashboards help pharma leaders direct and correct business performance on the fly.

  • Get a single view of data for management teams
  • Track KPIs with decision-journey dashboards
  • Obtain real-time information from advanced data analytics