The retail and ecommerce industry uses AI and Machine Learning to make better decisions and scale business impact.

Know Your Customer = Grow Your Sales

AI brings a deeper understanding of the elusive shifts in consumer purchasing patterns and behavior. Leverage it.

Leverage over 15 years of expertise serving global retail brands, mass etailers, department stores, niche retailers and e-commerce merchants.

Consumer Behavior and Insights

Shopping behavior is a window to the “soul” of the customer. AI observes behavior patterns to predict actions. Having a pulse on customer behavior is the key to being relevant, knowing their next move and bringing them back for more.

AI Driven Product Recommendations

Sophisticated AI driven recommendation engines are driving increased retail sales. Retailers can spot emerging trends, recover abandoned carts, and make more relevant, timely cross-sell and up-sell offers.

Pricing and Merchandising

To strike the best balance between profitability and product availability, astute store and site planning must consider shopping patterns, shelf placement, attractive pricing, product availability, impactful discounting and optimized space utilization.

Demand Prediction and SKU Management

R/etailers need to have a real time pulse on store performance while predicting demand with accuracy. It’s imperative to ensure that the relevant mix of products is available, and that stock-out situations are rarely encountered for minimal service interruptions.

Marketing and Sales Analytics

New developments in advanced analytics and AI are changing retail. Understanding the effectiveness of customer touch points, while optimizing budgets based on returns and growth is what separates a good retail marketer from a great one.

Social Listening

Use the latest technologies to gauge positive, negative, and shifting sentiment on brands and promotions. Find and leverage emerging influencers and get ahead of customer issues.

Success Stories

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