Tech is in our DNA. We don’t just use it – we create it. From SaaS AI products to advanced data science services. Our passion is to harness data, analytics and technology to provide tremendous value for hardware and consumer electronics manufacturers, cloud-based industry disruptors, and enterprise software providers.

Our broad spectrum of analytics products and services are used to drive higher impact sales and marketing initiatives. Clients save millions by understanding their business at a deeper level so leaders from the C-suite to managers, are empowered to make decisions that move the needle.

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Marketing has been transformed. There’s the emergence of big data. CMOs are building a marketing technology stack. IT and marketing are joining forces. Tech disruptors are laying new ground every day—changing all the rules. Analytics have become core to making the most of your marketing investments in this new landscape.

  • Optimize budget allocation by channel
  • Achieve optimal balance in omnichannel programs
  • Measure profitability at the customer level
  • Pinpoint key online and offline growth drivers
  • More: Marketing Analytics, Customer Analytics
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Relationships are what matter in marketing. Both B2B and B2C companies need to establish strong ties and brand connections. It’s science and an art, all rolled into one. Gain a better understanding of what journeys are leading prospects to become your customers and, ultimately, your advocates.

  • Predict successful customer journeys by persona
  • Refine lead scoring and engagement tiers
  • Establish multiple funnels based on segments
  • Accelerate conversion rates between tiers
  • Extend your funnel into an advocacy machine
  • Maximize MQLs (marketing qualified leads)
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Cloud based services have a unique window into why, how, and when their customers use their product.  With the help of data analytics, this information is transformed into startlingly clear insights into their audience. Leveraging it can mean more conversions, and more satisfied customers.

  • Model clear conversion paths for select segments
  • Microsegment users for better targeting
  • Understand use patterns that signal conversion
  • Setup alerts for buying triggers
  • Predict conversions of specific campaigns
  • Use the NAVIK Converter tool for all of the above
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Personalization is being used (and abused) across every channel of our digital world. Results range from win-win to misguided or even downright intrusive. Make sure your personalizations delight and motivate rather than repel and distract.

  • Individualize messages and offers
  • Discover lucrative new microsegments
  • Know the next best action for best results
  • Predict return on specific campaigns to select segments
  • Check out NAVIK Converter, which does a lot of this for you
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Let machine learning and artificial intelligence reduce the work of your sales force.  Your own business data is analyzed, and recommendations are made on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  Sales reps get a list of high-probability contacts, while analytics map out the routine work to provide clear sales guidance.

  • Identify leads and accounts most likely to convert
  • Predict a customer’s next likely purchase
  • List high-impact daily actions for individual contacts
  • Show which message will engage a specific lead
  • Know the best day and time to call, email or meet
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Sensor data is everywhere:  Location aware apps. Automotive technology. Smart homes. Fitness devices. Smart watches. Retail tracking. The digital footprint is staggering. Use it to your advantage.

  • Merge IoT and business data into super datasets
  • Leverage behavioral analytics to drive new offerings
  • Increase the relevance of customer communication
  • Streamline business processes and costs
  • Connect customers in new ways
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Tech companies are ahead of the social media engagement curve But what’s the value of social media? How do you know what’s really working? And how do you harness it all?  Learn what this emerging channel can do for you.

  • Gauge positive, negative, and shifting sentiment
  • Magnify your voice with new tools and channels
  • Find and leverage emerging thought leaders
  • Respond and engage with customers more quickly
  • Get ahead of customer issues
  • Gauge the impact social media has on your brand