The technology industry uses Absolutdata to make better decisions and scale business impact.

The Technology that Tech Needs

Our state-of-the-art suite of products and services in artificial intelligence, analytics and research drive higher impact sales and marketing initiatives.

Some of world’s leading hardware and consumer electronics manufacturers, cloud-based industry disruptors, and enterprise software providers use Absolutdata technology and services to dominate their markets.

AI-Based Sales Guidance

AI is leading entire sales teams to higher levels of success. Identify leads and accounts most likely to make a purchase soon, with specific action recommendations based on AI.

Segmentation and Personalization

Use AI to identify new micro-segments, individualize offers, and predict return on specific campaigns. Take personalization way beyond segment-based campaigns, even to the level of a campaign for one. And do it in a scalable way.

AI Driven Product Recommendations

Sophisticated AI driven recommendation engines are driving increased sales. State-of-the-art techniques allow tech players to spot emerging trends, recover abandoned cart sales, and make more relevant, timely cross-sell and up-sell offers.

Marketing Spend and ROI Analysis

Optimize budget allocation by channel impact and understand which programs are key growth drivers. Analytics experts help clients quantify, maximize, identify, balance and predict, so every marketing dollar can be spent more wisely.

Consumer Behavior and Insights

Shopping behavior is a window to the “soul” of the customer. AI observes behavior patterns to predict actions. Having a pulse on customer behavior is the key to being relevant, knowing their next move and bringing them back for more.

Buying Journey and Conversion Modeling

Gain a better understanding of which buying journeys are turning prospects into customers and, ultimately, into advocates. Advanced analytics techniques keep up with shifting funnel and conversion dynamics.

Social Listening

Use the latest technologies to gauge positive, negative, and shifting sentiment, find and leverage emerging thought leaders, and get ahead of customer issues.

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