The Telecom industry uses AI and Machine Learning to make better decisions and scale business impact.

Connect with Your Customers

Few industries have the wealth of customer data that telecom has. AI and analytics are bringing transformational opportunities to this data-rich sector.

Gain a new level of clarity on what subscribers need and expect. Telecom clients are using new data streams to cut operational costs and drive ARPU growth.

Churn Prediction and Mitigation

New subscriber acquisition cost is very high, and profit is realized over an extended time. So losing a customer has a big impact on the bottom line. Customer retention teams use advanced analytics to greatly improve retention strategies and programs.

ARPU Growth with Hyper Personalization

Having all the services the connected consumer needs is not enough. Telecom leaders must be masters of the cross-sell and up-sell. AI and behavioral analytics reveal opportunities for new services and bundles that increase customer lifetime value.

Optimize Network Efficiency

Self learning applied to networks is cutting operational costs with dynamic scaling and and optimization based on real-time load and use patterns.

New Product and Service Analytics

Introduce the most impactful feature sets, service bundles and handset line-up by using AI and behavioral analytics to more accurately predict what customers are most likely to buy.

Meeting GenZ Expectations

Generation Z has high expectations for live streaming, VR, apps, services, games, payments, and security. Keep up with this data-voracious fast changing group. AI puts data to work, spotting trends and making highly relevant suggestions.

Intelligent Chat Bots

Intelligence-driven care is increasing customer satisfaction while saving operational expenses in the support center. Reps can focus on more complex support needs, while AI efficiently serves the bulk of standardized support demands.

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