The Travel and Hospitality industry uses AI and Machine Learning to make better decisions and scale business impact.

Your data holds the key to the trip of a lifetime.

Travel and hospitality brands are achieving higher levels of connection and relevance with an AI-first approach.

We bring AI, analytics and research expertise to hotels, resorts, cruise lines, OTAs, casinos, food service providers, and theme parks.

Guest Analytics

Data is spread across your booking engine, website, customer database, property management systems and a host of other sources. Gaining a deeper understanding of your customer is the key to wiser marketing spend.

Loyalty Program Analytics

Loyal customers want brands to be engaging, while delivering an excellent digital experience. Learn to make loyalty programs more relevant for Millennials and GenZ.

The Persuadable Guest

Analytics has revealed that many sales and marketing resources are being wasted on consumers who will never buy, or will buy anyways. Know who’s on the fence and persuade them in the right direction.

Hyper Personalized Campaigns

Psychologists have proven that people love to hear their name. Take the personalization of your messaging to the next level. It’s time to graduate your conversion and ROI to a higher level.

Partner Ecosystem Analytics

The travel industry is reliant on a strong network of partners working together seamlessly to deliver a quality experience. Performance metrics across stakeholders such as OTAs, airlines, hotel brands and financial institutions are critical.

Success Stories

Hyper Personalized Campaign Increases Hotel Revenue by $13 Million

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