Whether your data is big or small, gems of valuable information are added every minute, with many going by completely undetected. Clients in travel and hospitality continue to unlock a wealth of information to make marketing decisions and investments that pay off handsomely.

We bring analytics expertise to over 50 global brands across hotels, resorts, cruise lines, airlines, OTAs (online travel agents), casinos, food service providers, and theme parks. Marketing and sales analytics yield significant impact including increased campaign ROI, a deeper understanding of guests and prospects, and successfully embracing new marketing technologies to deliver superior customer experiences.

  • Guest Analytics Dashboard for a Global Hotel Brand
  • Profitability Analysis at the Guest Level for a Leading Cruise Line
  • Behavioral Segmentation for a Large Casino


Today, data on a single customer is spread across the booking engine, website, loyalty or customer database, property/franchise management systems and a host of other sources. Gaining a deeper understanding of customers who have used your service is your guide to wiser investment of your marketing dollars.

  • Build a custom guest analytics dashboard
  • Measure guest-level profitability
  • Package the right high end services for select guest categories
  • Understand guests better with behavioral segmentation
  • Follow the digital footprint across emails, web and apps
  • Loyalty Program Dashboards for a Global Hotel Brand
  • Redesigning the Loyalty Tiers for a Cruise line
  • Campaign Performance Analysis of Loyalty Members for a Global Hotel Brand


The definition of loyalty has undergone a tremendous change in the last five years. Loyal customers want brands to be engaging, while delivering an excellent digital experience. Brands are learning to align with millennials to make loyalty programs more relevant. A successful migration in this transition requires analytics.

  • Follow the journey of loyalty currency (points) with an earn-and-burn analysis
  • Gauge the movement of members across tiers with tier analysis
  • Measure partner impact across the loyalty program
  • Run what-if scenarios for changes in earning styles and tier qualifications
  • Campaign Management for the Top Campaign at a Global Hotel
  • Campaign Prioritization for a North American Hotel Chain


Years ago, marketers were desperate to increase their email databases; ‘the more the merrier’ was the rule. Analytics revealed that many resources were being wasted on consumers who will never buy, or will buy anyways. The new mantra is to focus on the consumers who are on the fence.

  • Assess the impact and influence quotient of campaigns
  • Segregate consumers who can be influenced with marketing efforts
  • Re-align resources to incentivize top persuadable consumers
  • Run lean, more targeted and fruitful campaigns
  • Generate Personalized Campaigns with NAVIK Converter for a Global Hotel Brand


Psychologists have proven that people love to hear their name. In today’s digital era, where the cost and time taken to personalize an email is minimal, consumers are willing to share their data, and receive only the best fit offers from carefully selected brands.

  • Predict campaign response with behavioral analytics
  • Convert ‘one n done’ guests to stay or fly again
  • Develop personalized campaigns using demographic, booking, payment and loyalty data
  • Align campaigns to specific consumer journeys
  • Partner Analysis Framework for a Global Hotel Brand
  • Campaign Performance Analysis for a Leading Hotel Brand


The travel industry is reliant on a strong network of partners working together seamlessly to deliver a quality experience. Do you have confidence in these partners? Which ones have a bigger impact on the guest experience? Performance metrics across stakeholders such as OTAs, airlines, hotel brands and financial institutions are critical.

  • Review performance by customer segment, partner type
  • Assess early response of partner specific offers and campaigns
  • Predict success of future campaigns
  • Share insights with partners to co-develop top rate offers