AI Sales Guidance Nets Chemical Company 8.5% More Annual Revenue

AI helps company spot missed sales, predict effective cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.


Guiding Sales in a Challenging Market

Market disruptions can strike at any time. Losing customers, on the other hand, is a constant worry. Our client, a mid-size U.S. chemical distributor, was struggling with a multifaceted problem that included coping with an industry disruption – and minimizing business lost because of it – and dealing with missed sales opportunities. To survive, they needed a solution which can predict churn, prioritize their sales leads, win back lost accounts, and increase their basket size by finding the right cross-sell opportunities.

Uncovering More Sales Opportunities with AI

Thanks to AI-based sales guidance, this company:

  • Generated an 8.5% increase in annual revenue.

  • Enabled sales reps to work more efficiently, saving them 47 minutes per day.

  • Increased revenue by an additional 5.4% via cross-selling to current accounts.

With AI to take care of lead prioritization and product recommendations, reps were able to focus on connecting with their clients and providing targeted solutions to the clients’ problems. And by identifying customers’ churn potential, they could take proactive steps to avoid losing business.

Results Powered by a Transformative Intelligence Layer

To optimize the company’s sales process, an AI recommendation engine was used to find cross- and up-sell opportunities and to prioritize leads. Detailed weekly game plans were delivered to sales team members, while under the hood powerful algorithms were continuously looking for potential improvements and possible oversights.

The entire tool utilized NAVIK AI’s transformative intelligence layer, which combines AI with self-learning ML capabilities. Additionally, the robust analytical framework includes years of business experience, incorporating current industry knowledge and data to give vital background and context to the recommended actions.


Optimized Sales, Better Results

With their new AI-based sales guidance, this company’s reps are directing their endeavors to the most receptive accounts and customers. Not only has this produced a significant rise in revenue, it’s also helped reps save time and become more efficient. And it’s enabled the company to grow sales despite uncertain market conditions.