Quickly Find Needed Insights – Just by Speaking Your Question

CPG conglomerate unlocks buried insights through Natural Language Processing and AI


For most large companies, compiling mountains of data isn’t the problem – it’s finding the insights hidden inside that’s difficult. Our client, a leading CPG conglomerate based in the Middle East, needed a solution that would enable anyone in the organization to ask a business question and get an instant, data-backed answer. Our solution, ASK NAVIK, blended AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) with a user-friendly chatbot interface. It drastically increased employees’ speed, productivity, and effectiveness.

Faster, Better Insight Delivery with ASK NAVIK

Instead of wasting valuable time tracking down reports and painstakingly searching for a single fact or result, ASK NAVIK allowed our client’s employees to:

Insight Delivery

Ask a Question

In natural, everyday business language, users type or speak a question to the chatbot.

Get a Response

ASK NAVIK instantly finds answers to business questions, presenting source info directly to the user.

Deliver Results

The relevant information is also given to the user in a shareable, ready-to-present format.

From Data Disorganization …

As an industry leader, our client had amassed a staggering amount of research and reports. Unfortunately, these reports were scattered throughout the company and available in PowerPoint, PDF and Word formats. Finding answers to simple questions was a slow, labor-intensive process.

So, despite having a trove of highly relevant market and consumer data, actionable information was not getting delivered on time. The client knew that simply mapping their knowledge database to provide business insights wasn’t enough; they needed a tool that could search through every report, find the required information, and quickly deliver it to the business user. And they wanted a solution that was supremely simple and user-friendly.

… To Answers on Demand

After centralizing and optimizing the client’s data storage, we used our IBM Watson™ -enhanced NAVIK AI Platform to run the underlying search mechanisms. These had to process years of data –including primary and secondary research, historical data, and third-party information – and return the most up-to-date and accurate results.

We then built ASK NAVIK, an AI-powered assistant that used Natural Language Processing to capture exactly what the employee needed to know. With NLP, business users can speak or type a question in their normal, everyday business language. There’s no need to write complicated SQL queries or use strict search formulas. Results are delivered in two useful and user-friendly ways: as a direct answer and as a presentation-ready, shareable source.

Available Whenever and Wherever Needed

We also took care of our client’s mobile users. Rather than limiting them to whatever they could download to their device, we gave them Android and iOS mobile apps that gave them go-anywhere access to same search functionalities. As long as users have an Internet connection, they can find anything in the company’s available data stores. Finding the answer to any query is just a sentence away. This is a real game-changer for sales calls, meetings, and other functions.

A Transformational Tool

ASK NAVIK has been truly transformational in the client’s daily business. At an organizational level, it has helped them become more agile and better prepared to deal with changing market conditions. At an operational level, it has:

  • Significantly cut costs, as additional analysts are no longer required to answer ad-hoc queries.
  • Dramatically reduced the time needed to find critical insights; insights are delivered in near-real-time.
  • Allowed business teams to be more productive, allocating more time to job-critical activities.
  • Enabled a much more thorough and faster search, scanning every possible report in any format in seconds for the most accurate answer.
  • Given business users a very easy-to-use, intuitive way to find answers to their questions.
 Transformational Tool

Like many of our clients, this one had valuable insights hidden deep within their data library. ASK NAVIK helped find and unlock those insights, and NLP put them into employees’ hands with exceptional speed and ease.

This was an eye-opening project for our clients and an exciting one for us. We look forward to bringing ASK NAVIK into more workplaces, creating a user-friendly and efficient environment.