AI for Speedier, More Decisive Analytics

Meet the future of decision-making: AI-enhanced analytics

Business analytics has evolved. Long and tedious reports, stale ‘insights’, and month-long waits are out. Your team needs:

  • Decision options and recommendations.
  • Data-backed guidance.
  • Multifaceted analyses and reports.
  • Instant information – any time, on any device.

Next-Gen Analytics: Data Like You’ve Never Seen Before

To help you stay competitive, we’ve created the NAVIK AI Platform. It’s a scalable business solution that combines four elements crucial to high-performing data analytics:

  • Core AI Capabilities
  • Analytical Frameworks
  • Business and industry context
  • Advanced dashboards, chatbots, and data visualization

NAVIK AI Platform serves as the intelligence layer in emerging enterprise architectures. It can be customized for use across a multinational organization or configured to support a small business. Or you can quickly deploy one or more NAVIK solutions to meet specific needs:

Maximize returns on promotional spends with NAVIK TradeAI
NAVIK ForecastingAI
Identify focus areas and leaky buckets with NAVIK ForecastingAI
Find the optimal price range for all your products with NAVIK PriceAI
Get instant, natural-language answers to any question with ASK NAVIK
Turn sales reps into sales superstars with action guidance from NAVIK SalesAI
NAVIK MarketingAI
Improve audience targeting, customer loyalty, and campaign ROI with NAVIK MarketingAI
NAVIK ResearchAI
Future-proof your research and retrieval processes with NAVIK ResearchAI
NAVIK Signals

Track consumer trends and find the right market opportunities with NAVIK Signals

Don’t get lost in the data. Level up your analytics investments with the NAVIK AI Platform. Contact our experts today!