A 360o View of Your Market and Category

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A 360o View of Your Market and Category’s Current and Future State

NAVIK SIGNALS drives innovation by providing a complete view of your competitors, customers, and consumers. It tracks 100+ data types from millions of external sources, extracts business-relevant signals, and creates a unified view of your market and category.

  • Spot opportunities

  • Mitigate risks

  • Benchmark company’s marketing activities

360 Degree_View_of_Market_Category

NAVIK SIGNALS serves industries: food service, e-commerce, healthcare, CPG, beauty and personal care, media and entertainment, and travel and hospitality etc.
NAVIK SIGNALS supports multiple geographic regions: North America, Europe, India, APAC.


Track Competition, Consumers, Customers and Innovation

Know what’s going on in your market, from product launches and pricing changes to fresh marketing campaigns, evolving trends, and more. Keep a finger on the pulse and see new innovations as they develop.

Answer Critical Questions

NAVIK SIGNALS uses Natural Language Processing to answer business-critical questions:

  • What are my existing and emerging competitors doing?
  • How is the omni-channel space evolving?
  • What opportunities and risks are associated with certain customers?
  • How are consumer trends changing?
  •  What innovations are being launched?
  • Which innovation corridors are growing?
Reveal Innovation_ Marketing_ Strategy Actions

Reveal Innovation, Marketing, and Strategy Actions

The customizable and configurable NAVIK SIGNALS platform provides action-ready suggestions that can help you:

  • Identify threats and benchmark your sales and pipeline performance.
  • Innovate products and categories and drive growth.
  • Redefine your marketing and positioning strategy to suit emerging trends.
  • Find partnership and merger/acquisition opportunities.

SIGNALS Works for Every Team

360 degree view of market with NAVIK SIGNALS

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