Absolutdata, a leader in delivering scalable business impact through AI-powered solutions, advanced analytics and data science services, today announced a strategic alliance with SafeGraph, a data-focused company that powers innovation by providing open access to geospatial data. With SafeGraph’s analytics-ready data integrated into Absolutdata’s NAVIK AI Platform, brands can innovate by deepening the impact of data-driven decision making.

A company that focuses solely on data, SafeGraph delivers high-quality location information, providing accurate data on store visitor demographics, foot traffic counts, Points-of-Interest (POI) data, and business listings for commercial places throughout the U.S. When integrated with the NAVIK AI Platform, SafeGraph’s ultra-rich data enables more robust modeling, bringing data to life in new ways for Absolutdata clients so that they can create scalable business impact across their organizations.

Forward-thinking brands are increasingly using artificial intelligence platforms like NAVIK AI to analyze data, identify trends and predict customer behavior. Now they are looking for ways to expand the types of data they use, particularly in the CPG, retail, hospitality and foodservice sectors. SafeGraph delivers aggregated and anonymized data that enriches machine learning models, answering questions like how often consumers visit a store, where individuals came from and which other retailers they visited.

SafeGraph’s unique technical approach includes ingesting data from thousands of sources, such as government data, web crawling, store locators, first-party data and satellite imagery. SafeGraph then algorithmically classifies and spatializes the information, using machine learning and human intervention to process data and update it regularly. SafeGraph’s quality-focused approach inspired Absolutdata to integrate the firm’s next-level data into the flagship NAVIK AI Platform.

Absolutdata clients can now benefit from SafeGraph’s rich dataset in a variety of use cases. For example, foodservice brands can use it to discover emerging distribution opportunities that aren’t yet showing up on competitors’ radar. Hospitality brands can understand off-property guest movement patterns to spot trends and partnership opportunities. CPG companies can incorporate mobile data analytics to better understand shopper demographics and behavior, and retailers can identify popular brands and regional preferences.

For modern brands, data-driven decision making is table stakes. The true innovators seek to up the ante with a wider variety of data sources that yield deeper insights, delivered on a platform that generates scalable business impact.