Finding the right talent and fit is critical to the performance and efficiency of an organisation. How do companies go about fulfilling this important requirement? More and more recruiters now prefer passive candidates, the professionals not on the lookout for a new job. There are many benefits associated with such candidates that give them an edge and make them highly desirable in the market. The era of ‘good things come to those who wait’ ha truly arrived! Vinita Koul, national head HR & ad ministration, India ministration,, tells us the distinctive characteristics of BE passive candidates, “These professionals are reasonably happy where they are.They are not actively seeking new employment mostly because they are well qualified, in good roles of great organisations, typically on a fast track and well-compensated.While their resume may not be easily available, these candidates may be willing to consider an attractive offer. They are relatively more selective because they are the fast trackers and the ‘real talent’.“