With diminishing stock and resource deficit, businesses are actively rummaging through ways to fine-tune their strategies as per the current crisis.

Despite all endeavours, novel coronavirus continues to roil global economies. Its crippling effects are visible on businesses which are struggling to attract sufficient footfalls for their products and services due to the mandated lockdowns. Absence of manpower from the logistics industry and closure of manufacturing units is jolting supply-chain management which is further declining e-sales. With diminishing stock and resource deficit, businesses are actively rummaging through ways to fine-tune their strategies as per the current crisis.

In this case, artificial intelligence (AI) can act as a saviour. The power of technology can be leveraged to drive sales. AI can be utilised for lead generation for businesses in terms of marketing. So, while employees embrace work from home, AI-enabled tools can take over the marketing function of businesses.

While some may view the current situation as hopeless, other businesses will utilise the time to redirect their marketing strategies as per the crisis and shifting customer preferences. Following are the AI-driven simple solution to bigger marketing problems:

Chatbots as personal executives

Chatbots ease out many tasks. They can be simply viewed as robots with a human inclination to interact. Chatbots can answer domain-specific queries and FAQs without any personnel support, which becomes crucial at times like these when businesses are largely understaffed. Their ability to communicate in real-time can be leveraged in engaging sales prospects and lead generation. These personalised bots can be developed for various platforms such as websites, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, etc. to generate automated responses using predefined keywords.

Keywords for specific-targeting

We are all aware of how keywords and SEOs are vital in marketing functions. For instance, coronavirus is currently a hot topic. It is a well-known fact by now that people are consuming every news regarding the pandemic and looking for requisite products and services to safeguard themselves. Brands dealing in medical commodities, healthcare and wellness can grab this opportunity to build customer relationships. AI-driven tools can analyse the online data about who is reading what type of content on coronavirus. Basis the information received, marketing teams can bifurcate their target audience and deliver them with the relevant content by utilising particular keywords or the topic.

Leveraging AI-enabled sales suite  

With enhanced marketing tools such as AI-enabled sales suite, the physical presence of marketing personnel may not be warranted at all times. This comes handy at times like these, wherein brands can run multiple campaigns through a single platform at a given time. These suites can integrate the ad campaigns with Google, Facebook, Taboola and Instagram to reach a plethora of audiences. They perform a series of functions, right from ad-buying process to optimising ads, as the suites are well equipped to handle time-consuming tasks, continuously. Marketing teams are only required to feed the campaign parameters such as KPI, target audience, location, devices and channels, and creatives onto the suite, and the rest is taken care of by the platform.

Recognising patterns for a customised approach

With the help of big data analytics, AI-driven tools can study, process huge amounts of data that helps a business understand customer behaviour patterns, thereby opting for the right channel to direct target messages. A task as herculean as this is a matter of a few seconds for AI, which ensures optimum Return on Ad Spend, even under such critical circumstances. This unison of AI and marketing aids in forecasting trends through real-time discussions, which provides an edge to the business models by preparing them accordingly.

Contextual targeting

We are amidst a global crisis, hence, it is of utmost importance to get an idea where the ads will be seen. The ads should be in the right context during this sensitive time. Utilising AI tools such as natural language processing and deep learning to analyse data for enhanced understanding, a brand must ensure that wherever their ads are being placed, is brand-safe and relevant.

Reaching customers through multi-channels

Brands may incorporate AI to address queries and complaints that may arise during this time. They could be communicated through multiple channels using the website, push-notifications, email or in-app messaging. Keeping customers engaged establishes a stronger connection between the customer and your brand.

Targeting lifetime-value customers 

Leveraging deep learning can help a brand spot their high-value customers. They could be recognised by studying the past behaviour and discovering patterns to predict conversion rates of each target group. Such audiences tend to stay loyal to the brands for long periods, especially during such critical times. Hence, nurturing existing relationships goes a long way for any brand.

AI-driven technologies work in dual ways. As much as it is used to enhance customer experience, it can also be effectively utilised to build stronger brand value and prepare businesses for unforeseen events.

More than any other time, the businesses should shower care and empathy towards their customers with sensitive messaging, now. Keeping the communication open with customers shows your support. Hence, it is the time to strategise mindful communication through AI-enabled marketing tools, that may help your brand stay safe during such unprecedented times, and beyond.