AI is already changing the world. As consumers, we encounter AI every day, from customer service chatbots to smart Netflix recommendations to spam filters on our inboxes. In the business sector, AI’s disruptive force has convinced many business leaders that they better embrace AI soon to avoid being left behind.

They’re not wrong. Yet many companies are struggling to get near-term results from their AI initiatives, concluding that it will take more time than expected to instill AI into the company’s processes successfully. This is where they may be wrong. It is absolutely possible to implement AI rapidly and see results fast.

The transformative effects of AI are just scratching the surface today. Companies are taking many different approaches to bring AI into the organization: hiring data scientists, buying off-the-shelf point solutions, outsourcing AI projects, launching multi-phased Digital Transformation initiatives, and consulting with large firms to recommend an AI strategy. But layering on an AI strategy, team, or technology isn’t the answer in a competitive landscape.