A little over a decade ago, the idea of a phone that connects to the internet and does just about all that a computer can do – while fitting into your pocket – may have seemed a bit far-fetched. However, today technology has advanced in such a way that it has made life so much more convenient than ever before, while smartphones and wireless technologies have become ubiquitous to our daily lives.

Arguably one of the biggest technological advancements of the 21st century so far, AI has also heralded what is being termed as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, bringing automation to several industries and sectors globally. From recognizing speech, visual perception, to even being able to imitate physical traits and behaviours, AI characterizes a form of computing system that self-learns by simulating a wide array of functions. AI-enabled technologies are bringing a level of robustness to the enterprise, unlike any other technology before them. Furthermore, AI has enhanced efficiencies at the enterprise level by adding to the existing capabilities of information and communication technology and making them far more efficient than ever before.