This Data Science Service Providers benchmarking study by Analytics India Magazine and IMS Proschool aims to separate top performing data science providers from other vendors. Our experience shows that customers — enterprises and mid-sized companies alike are exploring and leveraging new technologies — data science and analytics by moving all the major levers — analytics solutions, building a foundation for data infrastructure to track performance and improve services and experience for their customers.

The growing availability of data coupled by high computing power has created an unprecedented opportunity for enterprises to use analytics to improve decision making and align it with the overall business strategy to drive value. As a result, organisations in India are spending billions of dollars to build their analytics capabilities and are increasingly turning to some type of reporting, analytics and data science technology to address key business challenges.

As enterprises strive to take advantage of analytics and data science to increase profitability, drive customer engagement and grow revenue while identifying and minimizing risk, they are tapping into the power of data by collaborating with service providers. Clients are implementing these initiatives in a strategic way, however it still remains to be seen if these efforts to raise analytics quotient will eventually translate into value-add for the end customers.