Absolutdata shares Inspire 2013 takeaways – In the heart of the data explosion, the number of businesses investing in Big Data grows, maximizing urgency for analytics support

San Francisco, CA. – March 2013– Absolutdata, an award-winning global analytics and research firm, identifies three trends in big data analytics following the Alteryx Inspire 2013 conference, including demand for data scientists, increased investment in big data and business need for clear goals in data direction.

Alteryx’s annual user conference, Inspire 2013, held in Phoenix Arizona March 5-7, brought together industry leaders to discuss ways businesses can improve decision making and corporate processes with the application of data and analytics based on real industry cases.

The three major takeaways from the Alteryx Inspire 2013 conference, according to Absolutdata:

Demand is growing for data scientists, analytics specialists and service providers to help enterprises, major brands and organizations manage and maximize big data investments.

According to a recent study by Aberdeen Group, only 48 percent of data sources can be readily accessed or analyzed. As companies introduce Big Data analytics into their business model and processes become more siloed, that number could increase without help from experienced service providers, speakers at Inspire predicted.

Businesses are investing in analytics platforms and technology to take advantage of growing amounts of data.

Data is expected to grow exponentially, with Cisco predicting global traffic to hit 4.8 zettabytes by 2016 – more than 50 times the Internet in 2006. In order to be prepared to mine data of this caliber, companies must implement strategies to efficiently organize and analyze data.

Companies are at different stages in their adoption of analytics and need a clear vision for data direction.

Analytics service providers have an opportunity to apply lessons learned to help companies just getting started with analytics, while also supporting more advanced companies with new tools that improve strong, established analytics processes.

“Big Data is changing the way companies interact with their customers and offers significant opportunity for growth,” said Dr. Anil Kaul, founder and CEO of Absolutdata. “However, support from experienced analytics professionals is critical to success.”

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About Absolutdata:

Absolutdata is a global leader in applying analytics to drive sales and increase profits for its customers. Absolutdata has built strong expertise and traction with Fortune 1000 companies across 40 countries. The company specializes in big data, high end business analytics, predictive modeling, reporting and data management services. These services provide significant value to clients by helping them optimize marketing spends, undertake targeted marketing, and using customer relationship analytics to achieve superior retention and cross sell. The company is investing in emerging areas such as big data, web and social media analytics. Founded by Dr. Anil Kaul, Sudeshna Datta and Suhale Kapoor who come with experience at McKinsey, Mitsubishi, Kraft and Pfizer, it currently employs over 300 professionals across offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London and Gurgaon.