A Fortune 500 industrial products supplier was facing a multi-year industry downturn and disruptive competition. Sales started to take a hit. To revitalize sales, our client turned to advanced analytics and technology to help their global sales team compete more effectively in the harsh environment. They piloted NAVIK SalesAI to focus sales reps on:


The NAVIK SalesAI pilot included 100 sales people, divided evenly between a test group—which received a weekly game plan—and a control group who went ahead as usual.

Each week, every test rep received their own list of priority contacts, what products to discuss, and the likely reasons motivating those contacts to buy. Clear “next best action” guidance was given on whether to call, email or setup a meeting. Suggestions were based on advanced analytics on a robust framework of Hadoop, Python, Java, Spark, and an integration with Saleforce.

When the pilot ended, my sales team that was using SalesAI made a big fuss that I took their tool away. We’re rolling it out worldwide.

-Global Head of Sales


At the end of the seven week pilot, not only were the results clear, but the test group of 50 sales people balked when their new tool was taken away. Pilot results included:

Our client concluded that this tool would account for a 4-5% sales differential. They’re rolling out NAVIK SalesAI worldwide.