Multinational Pharmaceutical Turns to Absolutdata for Analytics Roadmap

Getting expert help in building the right analytics team made this company’s transition to data-driven decisions possible.

Analytics Roadmap

Our client, a multinational pharmaceutical company, found itself in a position that’s all too familiar to many businesses. They wanted to become truly data driven, but their business intelligence team couldn’t keep up with the ever-growing demand. Clearly, expanding the team and building a strong data analytics base was necessary. Without it, reaching their goal was improbable.

So, they invited our analytics experts to help them evaluate their existing analytics setup and construct a roadmap that would get the company to its goals.

Creating the Right Foundation

We sat down with key business stakeholders and the in-house analytics team to determine their current processes and requirements and map the company’s:

Current analytics capabilities.

Analytics talent (team members, their skills, how the team works with business users, etc.).

Data availability, access, usability, reliability, and storage.

Goals for analytics usage in business applications.

The resulting info gave us a clear idea of where the company was, analytics-wise, and how success would be measured.

Managing Process and Implementation

Now that the big picture was set, we could start focusing on implementation. During this process, we worked with our client to:

  • Choose the right technology to support analysis and user-friendly insight consumption.
  • Identify best-fit analytics products.
  • Create the appropriate benchmarks, feedback systems, methodologies, and knowledge management practices.
  • Implement governance rules to appropriately leverage analytics for business decisions, set well-defined timelines for application, and secure senior-level support.
Managing Process & Implementation

Delivering Data-Driven Decisions

Within a year, we helped our client build an extended analytics team of subject matter experts, business consultants, and data scientists. We then conducted thorough training sessions that helped all involved integrate and apply business analytics.

On the technical side, we set up a central data repository that served as a user-friendly portal across the organization’s trade, sales, marketing, and finance functions. This sits atop a robust, automated analytical framework with strong feedback and knowledge management processes.

Now, this pharma business can confidently move forward, knowing that it has a data analytics system that can fully support its needs.