Peering into Future Market Performance with AI

Luxury auto company uses Ensemble Modeling to forecast its performance vs competitors’


Who Can See the Future?

Forecasting future market conditions has never been foolproof. One of the main reasons is that every model or method of analysis has a weak spot. Combining multiple AI techniques with analytical frameworks and business rules might just be the solution.

Our client, a luxury auto company in the UK, needed to correct a decline in market share and position themselves for better performance over the coming years. They also needed to understand exactly where their competitive advantage existed.

To give them robust and actionable insights, we turned to Ensemble Modeling, an AI-fueled blend of several models that provides a more complete picture of future market share.

Accurate Sales Forecasting with Ensemble Modeling

One of the client’s main goals was to create precise sales forecasts by category; they also wanted a detailed picture of how their competitors would fare in the future. We used several forecasting techniques – including regression, causal models, trend analysis, and time-series models – to estimate the client’s growth over several years and compare it to the competition. This ensemble model delivered more accurate results than any one of its components could do alone; it also created a more robust system and made the best use of the available data.

Ensemble modelling enabled the client to:

  • Do a deep dive into forecasted market shares. This included a breakdown by category as well as a look at the performance of major competitors.
  • Allowed them to look at the influence of key factors (e.g. gas prices, consumer spending, GDP growth rate, etc.) and see their performance compared to other companies.

A Clear View

Consolidating several analytical techniques allowed us:

  • To generate a strong, detailed AI model.
  • Enabled our client to understand their market’s future dynamics and gave them new insight into their unique competitive advantage in the UK luxury car vertical.